Club Profile. Qatar’s Community College Photography Club is a good base for both experts and amateurs of photography to start improving their photography skills, as well as creating a properly interrelated network of colleagues, assisting others in conducting experiments and socializing with fellow photographers in the bounds of  the college and throughout the community. The date of establishment of the club is the 17th of April, 2012. The students of the CCQ became its founders.

Membership. Becoming a member of the club is totally free.  Although there are no requirements for applying to the club, it is recommended to have a digital single-lens reflex camera.

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Contributions. Anybody willing to contribute to the club may support its intelligence base by producing research articles, related to photography, as well as supplying the pictures for the club galleries, and conducting seminars or tours.

About the photography club

The objective of the photography club is to support the future photographers in their undertakings to become the professionals. Secondly, but not less important, is enjoying the entire course. In order to help the members of the Club to get the biggest joy from the photography, we offer a number of workshops and seminars, as well as tours.

Meetings. All the members of the club gather together for the meeting every Tuesday at 12 pm at room (  ).Members learn all the important updates regarding the activities within the club, agenda and pictures for the workshops. The members are introduced to the projected pieces of photography in order to evaluate them. The printed versions of them are later available in the building.

Field Trips. Our photographers visit some picturesque locations, good for taking pictures. During the tours, our fellows get to learn the new approaches to the photography and make friends with the rest of the photographers. The review sessions provide the opportunity of comparison of the same objects, shot from different perspectives.

How We Communicate with You. The photographers can obtain the information they need during the meetings. The Facebook featured page (      ) of our club offers the detailed agenda of our activities, as well as the description of the most important club activities. We publish our club’s newsletter (News in Focus) on our web site monthly with the weekly amendments to it.

How You Communicate with Us. First of all, feel free to ask any club member.

You can also use the easy-to-remember e-mail (   ).

Vision Statement

The primary objective of the club is to provide its members with joyful and safe environment to study photography and increase their longing of it.

Mission Statement

The Friends of Light Photography Club research the ties of the eyes with the camera, as well as the spirit by teaching and stimulating the development of artistic vision and technical knowledge. One can find positive, unofficial and supportive atmosphere despite the abilities of the one as a photographer, meeting the interests of all sorts of photographic scenery. Members of the Club get an opportunity to share their thoughts and intelligence, as well as to develop the interest to the photography throughout the community by means of various exhibitions and common events. The Club helps organizing miscellaneous projects for the community, also holding the community fairs, seminars and workshops. The Club members take field trips all year round to get the unique picture taking opportunities.

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