The theme of the rain has always been tremendously popular in art and is never out-of-date. Regarding the art of photography, it is evident that many artists like to make macro shooting of rainfalls or raindrops in particular. It may be photography with the depicted autumn rain that sets the mood of romance, or the summer rain with its airiness, or even the rain storm – aggressive and dark. One can see the work of Derrick Fong called Rain Drop as very fresh and delightful. It establishes the mood of spring and joy. Bright colors and sharp lines give the viewer an opportunity to relax and enjoy the photo. If one would like to compare this image to a person’s character, he would say that it is a nice individual with a friendly temper. In order to make such an affective snapshot a photographer sometimes has to be remarkably patient and calm. As a result he would be rewarded for his efforts with positive comments from critiques and all other people, who would see his work.

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Art is truly unpredictable and it can influence people in different ways. Probably every artist wants his works to provoke an emotion. Sometimes it does not even matter which emotion – good or bad, happy or sad, the fact of real emotion makes the difference between great artist and just any artist. Every now and then people think that it is an easy work to be a photographer, just click the camera and the job is done. But the reality is that every genius artist contributes a part of his soul to an every picture he makes.

Painting “Morning on the Seine in the Rain” by Claude Monet

Continuing the rainy topic with the work that one may remember the painting Morning on the Seine in the Rain (1897-98) by Monet. This artist is famous by his impressionist paintings for nearly 100 years. He is one of the most loved among many other impressionists and his influence on art is incredible. In the movement of impressionists Claude Monet always was a major example for those who just started their path in art. He actually transformed French art from the inside. Monet pictured marvelous landscapes and free time with popular activities of Paris.

Morning on the Seine in the Rain tells the viewer a short story of how the rain disturbs the calmness of the beautiful river in the early morning. The rainfall is the main character of the painting. When one looks at the canvas for the first time, he may think that the picture is peaceful and quiet, but if continue observing it becomes clear that the mood of the painting is turbulent and restless. The every wave is as if moving and the tree branches are staggering. Watching Monet’s masterpiece is captivating. It is an actual talent to use and combine the variety of colors in picturing the sky, the trees, and the river as if it is real. The style that artist wanted to show is the process of capturing the very moment of feeling nature as it is. The colors used can inspire to feel only rough impression and great wonder.

Nowadays many people would like to feel the spirit of true impressionism and this is the reason for museums and galleries to show the art of great painters filled with the connoisseurs and the reproductions of Monet’s works sell with great success.

Video “Best Sounds of Rain Falling”

This video one can find on the internet. It helps to feel calm and relaxed after tough day at work while listening and watching. It may not be called a masterpiece but it is a piece of art even if it is not made by talented virtuoso. It has the right for existence as it makes the contemporary life brighter and better. Sometimes such a small thing can make one’s day. It is a nice opportunity to enjoy the natural sounds for those who do love rain. The video Best Sounds of Rain Falling shows that something simple and mild can instantly influence one’s mood and even life attitude.

Also rain can be a symbol of the clearness. When it is raining all the dirtiness and dust is washing away. The same result can be reached with people’s minds that the everyday stresses and weariness are gone with the last rainfall.

In the modern world there are a lot of things that distract one’s enjoyment of life. For those caught in the rut of life, it is useful to watch the video Best Sounds of Rain Falling. Probably it was the main goal of the creators of the video – to increase the possibility of relaxing at the workplace or before going to sleep.

The time remaining for watching the video is nearly thirty minutes. It may allow the viewer to image himself in the rainy London with a cup of tea watching the rain outside, or in the forest during the rain storm, feeling how the clothes goes wet, or wherever the imagination lets him go.  This is the reason for the simple video to get so many likes and times watched. It is very nice and enjoyable.

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