Considering my personal background and interests in the field I would definitely like to pursue a career and make something out of it in any related field to that of physical therapy. It is a field that makes me word hard and since I want to specialize in it the sky is the limit. I have worked towards this goal for a very long time and I want to stay on track. I feel good about it because it has got something to do with helping people. And giving something back to the humankind is a noble thing that has always been on my mind. It is all about planning and applying oneself in the right manner. I want to stay focused and I want to make the best out of the opportunities so that I can avail them in the nick of time.

My professional goal is to open my own physical therapy practice down the lane, and I want to do that in a manner that would be convenient for me in the long run. That is I want to do it with someone with whom I can get along and with whom I have a rapport and a level of understanding. I have planning this thing for years now and since I know I would need a helping hand and a partner to implement this plan I have to be quite practical about it all. Helping hand is always more than welcome and may be the future will have something better in store for me but it is about time I gave it some serious thought because once I graduate from a graduate school I would have gained enough of work experience to either continue with my practice with some reputable institute or should be in a position to open my own therapy center. But as I mentioned that will need some doing and I will need some partner or possibly partners to get it up and running.

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I like to think ahead of time and that is why I have so many personal goals, which is not exactly a bad thing unless and until we keep losing track of things. We need to be on our toes and I plan n doing things one at a time. I am currently working and I want to continue this experience enhancing practice till I graduate after which I can transfer my skills to something that will be worth my while in the long run.

I want to earn good money and send some money back home periodically and I wish that I am able to set up some kind of a fund or a pool which can be put to use by them and helps them out for all the times that they have stood by me. It is about time I gave something back to my family even if it means just supporting them financially. Although I would always be there for moral and other kind of support as well. In my culture, we are expected to take care of our parents after they retire, so I want to make sure I am well off financially to balance family and personal life.

Traveling is my passion but with the field that I have chosen that is something that will have to take the back seat for some time as I will not be able to take the vacations that frequently. But it is better to be prepared for such things well in advance but someday I want to travel extensively. Then along the way I want to give the true meaning to my passion for fancy sports cars. But the name of the game is earning it all and I am willing to give it all the time in the world to reach that level of success and happiness, which has to come from within to begin with and has a lot to do with satisfaction.

I have always loved playing tennis and golf and I want to make sure that I do not give any of them in the future. I plan on dedicating my weekends to these in the long run.

When and if the time permits I thoroughly plan on fulfilling my desire to tutor college or high school students in math, whenever I have free time. That is because when we ca take so much from the community then at the same time we should be willing to give something back to the same community. I guess that it is part of our duty and responsibility towards the nation and the human race.

I love helping the community and I am willing to engage in any form of activity that helps in doing so. Since childhood I have been involved in visual arts, I love to paint. That is something that is my own passion and I derive my own calmness and peace from that and in the future I plan on fulfilling my dream because after all we have to give time to our own ideas and passions as well. My girlfriend is also an artist, and it is our dream to own and exhibit an art gallery, preferably in Manhattan. It may seem a touch too far-fetched but that is the true challenge, which includes turning our dreams into reality. It is all possible and we have to move a step at a time and before we know it we shall be closer to our goals than we anticipated just because our actions were sincere enough.

These are few of my personal goals and I know that if I put my heart to it I can achieve it all in the nick of time but it is all about goal setting, priorities, planning and then doing things in the right manner to ensure that we end up on the other side of the road. Getting there is important but what is more important is how we get there. Many paths may go there but the goal should always be to choose the best one because we do not want to lose time if we make the wrong choices.

My personal goal

At the same time an important personal goal is to overcome my negative points that can pose as serious weaknesses. Having professional goals is one thing but we should have personal goals and desires as well. My primary weakness stems from a desire to do too much. I often take on a lot of work and that can get me exhausted at times and I do not want to run out of steam before I get there. I often accept unrealistic workload and that is because I am unable to say “no”. Maybe this is innate and cultural, but I feel I need to communicate better and that is something that I need to work on.

As far as good things are concerned I am more than happy that I have the deepest passion to help other people, which is why I have chosen the healthcare field. I am a very conscious person, and I want to make a difference in people’s lives. By choosing physical therapy, patient satisfaction will also bring personal satisfaction. I demonstrate a positive attitude towards learning and that is something that motivates me all the while. I can empathize with others and I have an interest in my professional life with patients, and social life with friends. Having experienced different cultures and having traveled a lot, I love and respect cultural and personal differences of others, without being judgmental. That is something that should come naturally to people and I feel happy that I was opening minded enough and the things that happened around me helped me in understanding the things better. I am doing well and I hope that I can relate to them in an even better manner in the near future. I am and I try to be a good listener while at the same time I try to be flexible and adaptable. I am dependable, committed, sincere and trustworthy.

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