The main responsibility of the police ought to be maintaining law and order apart from the very critical function of protection of the citizens of a country from aggression regardless of whom the citizen is, either falling under the minority or the majority group. These are the core reasons a country establishes its police department.

In Valdosta Ga City there is the department of police charged with the responsibility of law enforcement. The police in this city are entitled to maintain law and in the process make the environment in Valdosta Ga City safe for its citizens.  Also in the process of doing so the police are meant to make the city look friendlier to everyone. The police department does work hand in hand with the locals and the state in achieving the above goal.  The history of this police department in Valdosta dates back to 1999.  It was then that the Valdosta Police Department (VPD) attained its national accreditation.

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In 2005 the police department in Valdosta was named a Flagship Agency together with seven others by the commission of Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA, this was done in a conference that was held in Boston. The fact that it is recognized a Flagship Agency implies that it should be a set example for the rest of the organizations to emulate. The VPD has ever since repeatedly been re-awarded a Flagship status, notable in 2005 and 2008, as well as an Excellence Award by the CALEA in 2011 (Valdosta City Details).

At Valdosta Police Department there is established a Citizens Police Academy responsible for building community trust. It also works to involve the community in partnering with the police to help safeguard peace.  These efforts by the police department are meant to achieve community policing.

History of Police Relationship with the minority

The police always seem a people of their own, sometimes feared by many due to their profession which some equate to violence and shootings. Here in Valdosta Ga, the police department which has been in existence from 1999 does sometimes what takes to put pride into its actions. The community policing which is encouraged by the establishment of the Citizen Police Academy is among the key efforts in the history that this police body has initiated to help the society. The academy teaches the community in law enforcement as well as has a vehicle that helps in critical situations in transporting the people of Valdosta City. This shows positivity in the police body towards the minority who are believed to be disadvantaged. There is also an operational department of Criminals Records and Information Access. This stands to help the community to easily get information pertaining to crimes commonly committed in their environments. To the minority this makes it easy to know which places are safer for them. I would like to make it clear in this discussion that the term minority in this reference encompasses children and the smaller groups in the society. 

Within the police body there is also a set up centre for children and missing children aiding in bringing up lost and found minors. In a bid to help the minors the police in Valdosta have a support unit composing of thirty two members with the duty of educating the minors on drug abuse, working as resource managers of schools and controlling truancy. The minors are taught on the illegality of drug abuse, dangers of abusing drugs and on avoiding it to flee from the danger of being found abusing drugs. This in Valdosta is done by the Drugs Resistance Education (D.A.R.E) unit of the police under the “Eddie Eagle” program. Indeed drug abuse being common among the minors needs to be controlled among them. To ensure the safety of the students in schools is enhanced, the school resource managers and a unit of the police enforce laws and maintain peace in the school environments.  Officers in charge of truancy help in guiding the students to comply with the school regulations and as a result minimize truancy.

Discussion on Positive Contributions of the relationship

In my knowledge of the world at large the main challenge to the education of the minority is drug abuse and crimes. These are what majorly results to truancy and mischief in schools within the students’ body. It is therefore a plus for the police to be helping to reduce this level of truancy and drug abuse. It has consequently caused remarkable improvements in the education standards of this city. A good example is in its contribution to the Valdosta University. It has played a significant role in modeling of its students to be a world class students and university today.  In the entire globe drug and substance abuse poses a huge threat to its development. Some countries that were in serious drug abuse are still underdeveloped (Bureau of Support Services).

The missing children’s unit is also good in that it makes it possible to trace lost children, helping the parents greatly.  Also the fact that there are the resource officers, who are actually police officers to manage school safety, works for the betterment of the minority who are at times endangered by thugs and others of such caliber. These are very substantial and encouraging duties that the police have done to make the lives of the young minority safe. No more else do we expect from the police except this.


In conclusion I would like to emphasis that these acts of humanity by the police in this city are not a simple thing and they are lack in other states. The police in Valdosta City deserve a part on the back. More therefore should even be done to help the police do their duties better to help the minority.

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