Customer privacy and security is the highest priority for our company’s administration team

We are grateful for your interest in our company’s services and the time you have spent browsing. We do everything in our power to protect the personal information of customers against loss and misuse. The information provided below is designed to help you understand the types of information we gather and what purpose it is. During our cooperation with customers, we collect information about them and visitors to our website.

The information gathered by our company’s website server includes details about:

  • Time of website access
  • What browser the customer is using
  • What OS (operating system) the customer is using.

Collecting information of this type does not permit us to reveal the identity of a customer. Its only use is to allow us to customize and tweak our website information and to make the content and the way information is presented better. When we collect information this way, we do not reveal, sell or share it in any way.


Like many websites, our site uses “cookies” to help us make navigation better and easier. Furthermore, this option enables gathering of statistical information such as how frequently our site is used, number of visits and the like.

Collecting Personal Data

For the purpose of using our services, customers may be asked to provide certain contact information such as their names, phone numbers and an address we can email them at.

This information should be provided at the time of registering on our website. In order to process a customer order, we will only use personal information if we need any clarification to deliver that order such as times when a customer failed to upload important materials or one of our writers is awaiting approval on a choice of topic. Therefore, we urge customers to provide accurate information, which we will use to get any clarification that is necessary to provide the best level of service possible. This data is accessible only to our own personnel and is never published, sold, shared or revealed to any third party.

Your personal details are never shared with your writers to protect your privacy. Please do not share any personal details with the writers directly. All sensitive data is kept strictly confidential. You are fully responsible for the outcome of sharing your personal information (such as logins, passwords, e-mails, phone numbers) with the writers.

Online Processing of Transactions

All our payment systems are sufficiently secure and trustworthy to prevent billing data from disclosure. To prevent fraudulent Internet behavior, our Finance staff may request identity verification.

Customer Rights

All personal profile information can be corrected, replaced or deleted by contacting our support service.


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