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Positve emotions are vital in the success and well-being of human beings. Its aim is to nurture and encourage individuals, communities and societies to accomplish their ambitions. Emotion and affect are two different things that are usually confused, emotions are shortlived and elusive while affect are feelligs that can be accesed.The two are also important in fueling continued action and an individual is able to engage in daily activities in harmony.The broaden-and-build theory of positive emotions is a theoretical model that explains the distinct effects of positive thinking. From experiments it is evidenced that positive emotions widen thought-action ideas while negative emotions narrow them. Positive emotions, via the undoing hypothesis, correct the after effects of negative emotions. The undoing ability of positive emotions fuels psychological wellness and this is succesfully applied to individuals going thruogh emotionally negative moments to spring them back to their normal psychological states.


There is power in positive thinking and positive emotions altogether as these are significant even in our day to day lives. Positive emotions give one a positive drive even after going through difficult times and an individual is able to live a life full of purpose and fulfilment, consequently living in harmony within the society. In clinical psychology, patients who have gone through difficulties, thereby generating negative emotions, can be healed using positive emotions. This is because positive emotions function as an antidote. Positive emotions also offer psychological well-being of an individual; an emotionally well stable individual and consequently a healthy individual. It is a force towards an individual’s maturity and social fitness, that helps individuals realise their inner gifts. Therefore, they can be applied in life for fulfilment and holistic experience. Positive emotions can and should applied in our day to day lives to ensure well fit emotions that drive an individual in achieving their ultimate goals, maximising their intrinsic motivations. 

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