Postmodernism may be defined  as a tendency in contemporary culture illustrated by the rejection of objective truth and global cultural narrative. It strengthens the role of language, effect associations, and  boost morale. It’s against  the use of sharp groupings  such as man versus woman, young versus old, white versus black, and free versus slavery. Postmodernism has brought core changes in  many cultural fields, among them being: literary linguistics, sociology, architecture, criticism, music and visual arts.  Interventions on various past perspectives have been seen to have impacts on current. The thought of postmodernists is an intended deviation from modernist approach. It is mostly used  in critical theory  to represent  apoint of departure for various works of literature ,cinema ,drama ,design,architecture and journalism.In addition to these fields of application, it is also used in elaboration of law,religion and culture as well as in enterprise an marketing.Contraly to modernism which is associated with principles such as unity,identity,certainity and authority,postmodernism is majorly concerned with difference,textuality,skeptism and plurality.

The Human Subject

Between  the years , 1960 to 1970 ,numerous  thinkers started to question on the validity of the human Subject. Postmodernism obtained a mood amongst scholars, and more broadly amongst  those who gave their opinion. Postmodernists were initially charged with an exergerrated subjectivity that debased the objectivity. To  many scientists and conservatives,  the centre-stage  of these new ideas was based on their  scepticism towards a particular objective fact.  The failing of the postmodernists then, was that they constrained every  authority, looking forward  for a subjective priority. The criticisms pointed to the deceptive  way that the postmodernists redesigned  every scientific and moral truths  as if these were nothing less  than big stories, rich or  super narratives. However according to the postmodernists,those stories  metanarratives tended to eliminate differences, posing a dead uniformity and sameness.

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The Death of the Subject

The  death of the subject as depicted in the  poststructuralist theory poses  some  some pressure on pivotal assumptions in the understanding  of emotion. Most striking is the question  we are led to ponder of  is whether the subject, who does not exist any longer,  has any importance  to  do the feeling. Rei Terada answers  to this question firmly. According to the response , emotion  are not  subjective and  she argues that  , they  would have no feelings  if they were the  subjects . From her perspective, there is a clearly crossed difference from  the varnishing  of the subject (Hallan). But, its demise has impacted emotional encounter  intermingled somewhere between intellectual disposition and nostalgic retreat  to the suggestive  hypothesis. Terada’s objective is to replace  that theory  with a set  of emotions to derealization  of Derrida’s presence. According to Derrida,the very words which were used by the subject  would still be designated to what is closest to us.according to him ,by his specialised  vocabularly  ,the meaning is made very clear. The implication is that the Subject  cannot be ignored to be a single idea  without difference, but instead,  it  must in  turn be   be deconstructed. Derrida makes it very  clear that the  deconstruction of the claims of objectivity goes simultaneously  with the deconstruction of  the subjectiveness. The same way a claims is  objective to the  truth,so  is  a narrative which ought to be dispelled, and is subjectivity a myth (Hassan).

Postmodern theories

Postmodern theories  have changed significantly in  the way history is narrated. It has  re-established  the means  in which history was read , renewed form  and  the way history has been shown . These changes  have not altered the known facts  of history, but have changed the form in which  these facts have been meant to mean  and the reasoning behind them. Postmodernists describe  history as a  construction. An aspects of the  postmodernism encovers  other disciplines such as  psychology , genealogy and so forth, by trying  to help the historian to have  a complete  picture of their area of specialisation. As a matter of fact, postmodernism builds on  a diverse range of  perspectives on any given area, going  even  to the extent of  saying  that anyone’s individual  perspective of a work is as  justified as the perspective of, say,the author themself. Before we reach the point  in which history has been told, postmodernism evaluates  the way history is Postmodernism views this statement and extends it and criticises most  aspects of it. Most of the decisions that have been gained  in history have been the  result of thought.

A  thought is used in  analyzing  this decision where  historian make effort  to bind together the mixed thoughts of an individual  who came up with  the original decision while  trying  to elaborate how  the decision  was arrived at. The shortcoming  of such a  declaration  would be that in cases of historical things that didn’t occupy any  thought.  Just in any case , the disappearance of Harold Holt in australia . Any  history  given of Australia would be insufficient  without a mentioning of this occurence. What thought went into his disappearance? There has to exist chances   for presumption but there  can’t be any known thought that led  to his disappearance. Talk of a  natural disasters? What  kind of thought brought about  the destruction of Pompeii? Contradiction remains to  be grounded  firmly in postmodernism. Postmodernism follows no given  guidelines  but if a postmodernist  negates from  following  defined conventions, it won’t be observed as  postmodern. Another contradiction infringed  in postmodernism is the fact that it  welcomes diversified  views  and perspectives. After all, postmodernism also opposes  modernist ideas.

Through Postmodernism, the question of context as well as  historians upbringing crops up. Some  theories explains that, all that is written is as result of its time. The author carries  no control over what is being written  about the authors;  death , and the author’s upbringing , social status , and political views  will be evident, as will personal bias.This has lead to the current scholars in looing back in th ebooks of history and trying to understand the context of the settings as well as  the social class  existing by then.The refocusing of the  formerly  accepted facts  in history not necessarily  meaning revising, rather focusing at generally accepted truths  of history. Following  this postmodern analysis, new findings are formed not regarding to  the events , but rather  the thought and theory leading to such events. A result of  postmodernism is the way  through which  history has been told that has changed. Regardless of the fact that  most historians goes on to  write books about their area of specialty, the various ways  of production are gaining grounds as well .

Pastiche aims to combine, blend or paste together, several elements. In Postmodernist literature this can be a homage to or a combination of past styles. It can be viewed  as an illustration of the hostility, pluralistic, or information mixed  context  of postmodern society. It can be also be a mixture  of various  genres to come up with  a  narrative  of its own or to comment on occasions  in postmodernity: for example, William  Burroughs  makes use science and  detective fictions. Though pastiche  is used commonly to  refer to the combination  of genres, several other elements are also involved in the metafiction and short time  alterations  are used commonly in the broader pastiche of the novel in the  worldl. On the other hand ,Intertextuality is  that  relationship between one text  in a  given novel with another  or a  text within the intertwined  fabric of literary history. Critics directs  to this as  an amplification  of postmodernism’s lack of originality and dependance  on cliches. In the  postmodern world , Intertextuality literature can be used  a reference or parallel to another literary work, an overstated  discussion of a work, or the adoption of a particular  style. In postmodern literature this commonly manifested  as references to some fairy tales (Hoborek).

Professional communication

Postmodernism has been greately applied in various aspect of the modern business world. Professional communication is a postmodern product such  that the field typically seperates  between those claiming for  formalism and the plain style and those pushing   for rhetoric and invention to get  at the leading pack. Thus, different  parts of professional communication can be joined  together as well. Along with having  the course acting  as a postmodern product, professional communication students eventually  become postmodernists because they establish  a pastiche, a combimation of various guidelines, conventions, plans and re-contextualize them for whatever particular work in any environment they  venture .When percieving  service learning as a viable practice for professional communication, it is of vital  importance to consider whether deminishing  the academy for the workplace truly complying with  the students ‘ needs (Sean).

It is important  for  students to grasp an understanding that communication practices changes  between organizations. All over  the world, shifts of economic and political strength  have  made the role of weak the state, new ventures of industrial organization have declined  the chances  for long-term established  employment, and the  entry of women into the workforce causing  some shake  up in the traditional patriarchal family.But every action brings a reaction. In the  last quarter century,there have been  witnessed a worldwide spread of movements of diverse  identity which pose a threat  to  globalization and cosmopolitanism on behalf of people’s control over their culture and their lives. These varies  from the former social organizations, which in diverse  parts of the world were based on the endavours  of  well organized workers.

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