Success in using presentation aids needs use of a well defined strategy. These strategies includes; First, ensuring simplicity of presentational strategy, that is, make sure you connect with trainees during presentation, ensure they are sort in order and they are connecting to each other, ensure you are conversant with using the presentation and that it functions as intended, and certifying  that they are large enough and clear. Secondly, one should exercise readiness to do without presentations in case of unintended interruption. Next, anticipate what to do if things go wrong, and finally, understand the presentation you are using to the best.  

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Different types of presentational aids have own advantages and disadvantages which varies from each other. This types of presentations and their advantages and disadvantages includes; handouts, advantages are, has a lot of information, less expensive, easily transferable and tangible. Disadvantages are; seems to compete with trainer, difficult to control during presentation, and is distractive sometimes. Next are posters and flipcharts, whose advantages are convenient for a small group, as well as a small venue. Disadvantages are that, looks shoddy most of the times and are bulky, thus difficult to carry. Another presentational aid type is Dry-Erase board which is advantageous in that, no irritation from chalk dust and are easy to make use of. Its disadvantage is that handwriting may look poor. Further, is PowerPoint, and has advantage in being timesaving, and simplicity in control. Its disadvantage is that it is expensive to operate as it requires a computer or screen. Finally is the over-head projector, which is advantageous in saving presentational time, and has a spare bulb to save unexpected burn –out. Disadvantage is they are expensive.  

Use of presentational aids is advantageous in various ways which includes; attracting attention from the audience- people like seeing things, illustration and clarity- a presentation will show and make audience understand what is not easily understood, expression an opinion or action- helps trainees observe communication skills used, and adequate understanding at the same time, enhancing retention- they assist trainees in remembering what they are taught, motivating trainees- they act as induction hooks, which draws attention of the trainee and give them more interest to learn, and lastly, provision of context- they bring interaction to what is verbally learn in class.

In this case, target presentational aids will be posters and PowerPoint. The main reasons for choosing the two includes; low cost, well understandable by the trainees, easily transferable from one area to another and in case of PowerPoint creation of attraction to the trainees as well. Again, posters can be stuck permanently acting as a reminder to the trainees always even while in their working zones. 

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