President Theodore Roosevelt belongs to the number of those politicians whose name is closely connected to significant changes in domestic and foreign policies of the USA. It is the first conservationist president who changed drastically the paradigm of social norms in the USA and is considered one of the most outstanding presidents of the United States.

First of all, Theodore Roosevelt was the politician who understood the need to compromise to achieve any goals in politics. His policy received the name “Square Deal” after the case with the coal strike in Pennsylvania. He managed to interfere accurately and bring both sides to the agreement.  Moreover, Theodore Roosevelt elaborated the policy concerning large trusts and corporations, which did not have appropriate regulation system. His administration established the state control over those industrial giants which neglected the rules of free trade and honest market competition for their own profits. The resolution was the organization of the public control or business transparency. His initiatives made the corporations follow the antimonopoly legislation. 

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Among other Roosevelt’s priorities were: the right of the state to intrude in working conflicts, the existence of trade unions, eight- hour working day, protection of labor, especially for woman and children. The efforts of progressive politicians aimed at limiting of the child’s labor, especially concerning Afro-American children. Roosevelt’s administration worked on the prohibition or, at least, limitation of the teenagers’ labor aged 13-14 years. It was the beginning of fair social society foundation.

Elkins Act

One of the most significant Roosevelt’s achievements in domestic politics was Elkins Act of 1903, which had to regulate the situation with railroads in the USA. Many people and companies depended on railroads.  Thus, the regulation was not successful and the president elaborated the Hepburn Act, which allowed the Interstate Commerce Commission regulating the situation with the railroads. Fortunately, the Senate approved the legislation. It was the example how Roosevelt addressed people directly using media. Consequently, it was his success, because he managed to regulate the competing sides and achieve his goals. 

Features of Theodore Roosvelt’s society

Theodore Roosevelt’s society was open for everyone. He did not care much about person’s nationality or religious preferences, or financial status. He offered immigrants to become Americans. However, Roosevelt was opposed to people from Africa and Asia. He wanted to exclude them from national mythology. In addition, the president intended to protect American workers from the competition with immigrants from Asia, Southern and Eastern Europe. He had accurate and resolute vision of the importance of triad “territory-language-nation” in order to guarantee the national security of the United States. English language learning was viewed by the president as an inevitable element of the formation of a new American.

Moreover, Roosevelt worked on the problem of forestation and water resources. He spoke of the need to preserve and not exploit natural resources. Furthermore, it was necessary to save and protect wild animals and plants. Working in this sphere, the Newlands Reclamation Bill was signed. It aimed at creating reservoirs and irritation works for promoting agriculture in the West. Furthermore, numerous parks and protected woodlands were created. He and his companions built the foundation of the modern federal administration of natural resources.

Panama Canal

One of the most prominent achievements of Roosevelt’s foreign policy was the opening of the Panama Canal.  Apart from new agreements with European nations, he took part in many conferences and was a mediator in many international affairs. For instance, he addressed the governors of Japan and Russia to compromise. Consequently, the Portsmouth PeaceTreaty was signed and Roosevelt was awarded the Nobel Prize for his participation. Furthermore, he accentuated on creating the modern navy. It would allow the USA to perform international rights and obligations. Moreover, the president worked on the problem of army establishment beginning from the importance of general staff organization to the soldiers’ salaries.

The majority of Americans consider the president Roosevelt to be one of the best presidents ever. He was popular among people. Theodore Roosevelt wanted to see William Taft his follower in presidency after him. Thus, it was one of the biggest his mistakes. William Taft turned to be completely unknown person for Roosevelt and they became rivals.


To sum up, Theodore Roosevelt was one of the most prominent politicians in the history of America. Apart from that, he was a versatile personality. He was a naturalist, a historian and a writer. He managed to improve the life of the ordinary people by performing social reforms. Moreover, he preached the need to preserve all natural resources of the USA and, instead of exploiting them, to manage them. Finally, he showed himself as a good mediator in various domestic and foreign affairs. Roosevelt strived for making America strong and powerful on the world’s arena and he succeeded in his desires. Finally, many of his policies were considered positive and were later adopted by Woodrow Wilson and others.

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