Essential Program Evaluation Questions that Evaluators Seek To Answer

Program evaluation refers to an activity done by organizations informally or formally to determine whether a program they are undertaking is succeeding in improving the lives of the target population, and enhancing the organization or not (pp. 13).  To effectively establish these facts, evaluators need to design appropriate evaluation questions to guide the process. These questions are crucial to the process of evaluation right from the beginning and should, therefore, be answered accurately.  Some of the most essential questions that evaluators should seek to answer include, among others:

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  • Casual questions: questions that strive to assess and understand relations of effects and cause
  • Critical questions: questions which support the change from value-committed stance
  • Predictive questions: questions that anticipate what will occur due to planned interventions
  • Descriptive questions: questions that observe and measure changes after describing them
  • Normative questions: questions that apply evaluation criteria

Reasons as To Why Evaluators Seek To Answer Evaluation Questions

Evaluators seek to answer evaluation questions since the answers obtained from the questions are handy in solving the problems that exist. It is true that many reasons exist as to why evaluators seek to answer evaluation questions. These questions vary according to the fields of interest, which include medical institutions, and schools among others (pp. 33).  Nevertheless, some of the key reasons as to why evaluators answer evaluation questions are:

  • To assist in removal of slot, incompetence and malpractice in any area of work
  • For effort organization in providence and evaluation of human services
  • For improvement of quality of life to be achieved
  • For improvement of programs
  • To check teaching in schools, whether it is well or not
  • To check whether those who are responsible solve problems at their areas of work efficiently
  • To know whether the homeless receive assistance (pp .33)

The importance of program evaluation is worth recognition.  This is because a variety of valid information is obtained after questions have been answered.  Such valid information allows problems in the society to be handled, for example, in hospitals and schools.

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