Psychological thinking should be directed by diverse readership to ensure that all possible areas are covered. Varied studies have been conducted in psychology and it is important that one considers the findings of the studies to have a rough idea of the psychological trends.  (Sternberg, 2007) Thinking should be directed by facts especially in science. Although abstract thinking may also evoke creativity, there is need for thinking in psychology to be guided facts from past research undertakings. In psychology there are many diverse theories constructed by scientists to support certain postulations and assumptions. As one gathers information in psychology to act as guidance in psychological thinking, one will come across various psychological theories. The basis of psychology is to establish how human beings think and why they think the way they think. Therefore all research in psychology is geared towards understanding human behavior. However, different psychologists use different theories but they must fall under areas of human behaviors.  It is also important to understand that psychological theories are usually group specific because most researches are only confined to particular groups.  (Maxwell, 2004) Therefore, each theory should be considered with regard to the conetxt of the study group.

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The Process of Thinking

Thinking is a process and it does not just take place instantly. It is for this reason that currently critical thinking is being emphasized in all science fields. In most instances, thinking is limited with regard to past experiences, emotions and beleifs. This approach limits the parameters that can be placed into consideration because of the high degree of prejudice and assumptions involved. Any thinking process should be guided by the need to find a solution to a particular problem. Misguided thinking begins by lack of an objective nd it is therefore important that thinking should be aimed at problem solving. (Dettmer, 2007) The process of thinking should also be scientific and should be rid of all cultural bias. The process should also be eveluated after each process and preferably reference sought from a professional and independent party.

Thinking outside the Box

Human beings are diverse creatures and there is no limit on the perspectives that human beings can think from. In understanding a situation one needs not only to consider the conventional postulations because they can limit the thinking process. It is imperative to think outside current postulation but through a scientifically guided process. Furthermore, the scientific findings being used currently were discovered because researchers decided to venture into new territories. There is great opportunity for study in psychology, either by building on other studies or by venturing into new areas.

Multidimensional Thinking

Thinking in the area of psychology should be multidimensional. Multidimensional thinking is the type of thinking characterized by the consideration of multiple aspects of a particular subject or object of study with the aim of identifying how the aspects interrelate to each other.  (Jimmy, 2007) This aspect is particularly important because it allows for one to consider multiple aspects at a go instead of considering each of them independently. Some scientific variables are usually interrelated and it is only through multi-dimensional thinking that the interrelationship can be brought out. According to (American Psychological Association, 1992) Multi-dimensional thinking is particularly important in psychology where a particular behavior may be caused by multiple aspects or a particular behavior may have varied effects. This ensures that all the causative aspects are considered and that if any interrelationships exist they are brought out clearly.  (Stanovich, 2007) The multiple dimensional thinking also offers great flexibility because as one conducts an analysis of the varied aspects it is possible to shift concentration from one to the other when there is there is the realization that is more logical than the other. Thinking along one line makes it difficult for one to shift because it implies that the study has to be started from the beginning.


The operation of the human mind is a complex undertaking that may take the researcher any direction. It is therefore important that when thinking about psychology concrete control should be established to avoid being misguided. The thinking process should be one guided by a relevant need for problem solving. There is also need to think outside the box because it gives one higher chances of discovering something new. Finally, psychological thinking should also be multidimensional to ensure that any interrelated factors are placed into perspective and to ensure flexibility. Consideration of all these aspects ensures that a thinking process in psychology is devoid of any cultural bias or belief and this ensures that conclusions drawn have strong bases.

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