Inequalities in society have existed since the beginning of time. This evolution evolved due to multiple divisions in society caused by religion, ethnicity, intelligence, etc. In modern society, there are still inequalities that exist, one of which exists in the education system. In an effort to provide everyone with the opportunity to go to school, education systems have adopted policies of affirmative action. This gives the advantage to minority groups in an effort to make campuses more racially diverse. As a result, this inequality puts students at a disadvantage when you take into account their academic merit in regards to their race.

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One of the main predictors of success in college is a combination of looking at SAT scores and high school grades. Some schools use these numbers in order to calculate a score index which allows the schools to see the probability of how one will do at their institution or not. While admissions should look at just the qualifications of the person, affirmative action and the necessity to make college environments more diverse, ethnicity is taken into account. “Race-based preference produces a population of students whose average intellectual strength varies strongly according to race,” (Hsu, 2012). Reasons behind this include the fact that socioeconomics and intellectual opportunities are going to vary across ethnicities and social classes. Therefore, someone who scores average in the overall demographics of the SAT might have a score that is high for their particular ethnicity. Therefore, colleges take that into account in order to make colleges more diverse.

However, this is causing a large problem with identifying those who are academically acceptable to a college. According to statistics, this would mean that a majority of students on campuses would be Asian American and Caucasian. This is not reflected in demographics in that there has been a shift in demographics at major United States educational institutions (Hsu, 2012). The large push to increase diversity at campuses has caused many institutions to institute diversity clauses in order to push schools to become more educationally diverse. As a result, more prestigious universities are limiting students that academically deserve to go to these institutions in favor of diversification.

As a major problem in the ethics of admissions in the United States, the conflict between ethnicity and college admissions has become a growing problem in addressing academic standards. While schools are trying to diversify, it makes it harder for academically qualified students to get into these schools. Therefore, it could have the potentiality to cause minority problems in terms of having students that are academically acceptable at prestigious universities.

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