Racism is favoring, looking down on and/or discriminating a certain race of people. Anti-Semitism is the discrimination and hatred against Jews. Hatred to Jews could be in form of physical arm, police and military ambush, and use of abusive language to refer to them. Racism and Anti-Semitism go hand in hand in that the end result they are intended to make a certain group or race to feel or appear inferior against another. Racism and anti-Semitism is a major issue that hindered the development of some nations and some states with some of these countries. ‘Marginalizing a certain race has resulted into Whites’ and Blacks’ states in the US for example. The large economic difference between bordering states can all be associated to racism and anti-Semitism’.

In America although the constitution states otherwise, the actions and the development divide speaks for itself. The message by this divide tells that there exists traces of racism and anti-Semitism of a relatively larger margin than that of any other developed country. Racism and anti-Semitism is a problem in the United States of America.

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To what extend can racism and anti-Semitism be considered a fair aspect of economy? Racism and anti-Semitism is a two way road where the antagonists provoke the protagonists and the vice versa. There is no excuse for racism to be part of the American heritage. Although US is considered a developed country, the presence of racism and anti-Semitism acts as a pull down of the economy against other social and political aspects.

The colored people in the US refer to the rest as Whites. The Whites on the other hand refer to the others as Blacks or with the forbidden ‘N’ word, Nigga. Study by the Home Affairs Department (2010) shows that reference of one race by another in terms of color or place of origin is part of racism. Now that USA is a multicultural state, the immigrants refer to the natives as Jews. This fact was identified by a recent study by the University of Illinois (2011). The study shows that with the heavy presence of Muslims, Native Africans, Indians and Chinese has contributed to the escalating anti-Semitism situation in work areas and some states.

Reference by color can be associated with a non-existing for art. Bottom line is that color besides any other form of life, can and is considered with racism. Factors that show that racism and anti-Semitism are problem in the US include the absolute use of the word Nigga by African-Americans only. If the word was to e considered racist by nature or for any other reason, then its use should be illegal to all. The fact that the Blacks can call themselves Niggas but no other race can is racist if thought out well. The heavy presence of immigrants is promoting to anti-Semitism; this is because other races expect the Natives or the Jews to be sensitive about their beliefs forgetting the Jews expect the same thing from them. Racism can be eliminated by considering some form of association between the races. “However anti-Semitism cannot be done away with easily. The reason to this is because none of the players is ready to embrace the culture of another”.

If economy is a common interest for different countries and cultures, why aren’t the grounds of association in this sector common? The fact that Native Americans consider African-Americans to be predators out there to rip where they didn’t sow blows the whole idea out of proportion. As muchas economy is concerned, the history of America divides the groups even further. This is according to a study by Elizabeth Simpson (1918) that explains that African Americans were originally slaves working for the Whites. The whites were the masters and they used to mistreat them, both physically and emotionally. A recent study by Oxford University (2008) on industrialization and investment showed that there were more White CEOs, Managers, Shareholders and Rich than Blacks in US at the ratio of 7:1.

Racism and anti-Semitism – a problem especially in the economic sector

Most companies especially the leading one are owned and owned by Whites, this means that the level of education of the Whites and the Blacks varies. This variance brings the aspect of economic and success indifference. “This can further be associated with the fact that the Blacks according to the Elizabeth Simpson study on American History, are been marginalized and pushed to non-productive and poor states as resulted to lack of resources that can enable them to afford quality education”.

The problem is set from the grass-root level of education; the young are taught by their guardians, teachers and fellow associates that they should not associate with a certain group. The reason they are given end up ruining the understanding of each other because the facts are more like opinions. “Therefore in corporate world the groups keep divided, and when given a chance or where the rules are inverted the top group tries to push the other to breaking levels. The end result being that, the races and their perspectives of in-association remains the same while at some instances deteriorating further”.

Through the teachings young students get from their guardians, the level and type of association in business, and the selective use of some reference terms shows that Racism anti-Semitism is still a problem in the United States of America. The remedy of the situation is beyond anyone’s making and as much as individuals are not willing to set off on a positive notch it is not getting better soon.

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