During the last department meeting, you asked me to prepare a report detailing the product that we choose as a team and the reasons for choosing that particular product. You asked for the report to be submitted on the 15th August 2011.


Green marketing

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Every company in the United States is trying to go green. This is because green is appealing to the customers. In fact customers are responding better to green products and services. Companies that are showing responsibility towards the environment are getting noticed by the customers. Global warming and the emission of carbon dioxide are causing harm to our environment. All this is because of what we do daily. It is therefore our responsibility to reduce the harm we are causing to our environment by going green.

Public relation

The reason we chose public relation is because of the permanent impact that a well organized public relation campaign has on the consumers. There are so many firms that are going green and proclaiming to do certain activities yet they are failing. We want to provide the best public relation campaign to our clients that will clearly show their efforts to protect our environment by going green.

The other reason is that public relation both promotes the company and the products. With public relation it creates a good reputation for the company and it also increases the sales and profits of that particular company. A public relation campaign that shows how well a company is implementing measures to prevent damage to the environment or going green, will both create a good image for the company and increase its financial performance.


Going green has become every company’s motto. But companies must struggle to emerge as the best. This is why they require well organized public relations initiatives. Public relation is effective because it gives a longer lasting impact. It also promotes both the company and the product. It is therefore a beneficial program to undertake.

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