Relationship is a state of alliedness between two or more persons that brings a mutual understanding. It is the full synchronization between to people where a true bond forms and deep intimacy can be experienced (Nathan, 2005). Many types of relationship exist between two persons in the environment. Man is no an island and needs someone to talk to and share life with. They include friendship, dating, parental, authority relationships, cults, gangs, and many others. in this paper, dating relationship has been described in details. It starts by defining the kind of relationship, its merits and demerits, effects of the external and internal forces on the relationship, how it is affected by interpersonal dynamics and conclusion on the same.

The paper has also tried to enumerate some of the upcoming issues in dating especially with the changing environment, trying to offer solutions to most of these issues. However, the solutions offered in this paper may not be comprehensive. It is therefore necessary that a person consult more and visit doctors that handle relationship issues. With this, the world will be a better place for those who fall in love. Conflicts and problems are learning tools within the relationship and bring out an understanding of the actual basis or nature of your relationship (Nathan, 2005).

Girlfriend-Boyfriend Relationship (Dating/ Romantic)

The kind of relationship the paper is going to focus on is a relationship between two lovers, parties of the opposite sexes who are dating; dating relationship. Dating is a relationship where tow people who are really attracted to each other consider each other special spending most of their special time together. A natural attraction occurs between two people who have fallen for each other. It should be noted that although it is very healthy that to date, it doe not guarantee happiness in a human life. In most case it has ended up breaking people’s hearts making the discouraged in life (Havelin, 2000). In other words, dating is spending time with the person whom you have emotional feeling for him or her considering as a very special person in your life.

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This paper will try to find out why people date as a form of relationship.  A comprehensive plan for improving the dating relationship will be proposed together with an in-depth analysis of the interpersonal dynamics found in this relationship. Some of these interpersonal dynamics at times may cause many problems within the relationship Havelin, 2000). The paper will try to find ways of improving or resolving such conflicts between the two persons. One of the most vital components in any relationship, communication will be the basis of trying to find out how solutions can be obtained to ensure there is harmony between the parties involved. The paper will then draw a conclusion from all the discussed subjects concerning the relationship that people engage in (Davis, 2010).

The main objective of this paper is to help different people especially those who have never enjoyed dating as it always ended up in a fight or a serious trauma. It will be very useful especially to the young people who are trying to venture into dating as a way of life expecting so much from it.  

Interpersonal Issues

A normal human being has his or her interpersonal dynamics that affect the relationship, negatively or positively depending on the outcomes of the feelings and emotions attached. They can be positive when there is a mutual understanding between the partners, respect and real love also called affection. These are called positive interpersonal dynamics. They help in the growth of the relationship but at times may be disastrous if not well taken care of and nurtured. Despite the fact of some of these traits, feeling and emotions are personal, there can be negative and especially if the persons dislike each other. In such cases, there is lack of mutual understanding and enjoyment, respect and consequently affection. Most relationships will fall between the two extreme personal dynamics (Havelin, 2000).

Having looked at interpersonal relationships, we are now going to focus on the personal dynamics found within a relationship and how they affect the relationship in question, dating or romantic relationships. Love or affection is one such dynamic related to a person. It is important that when two parties agree to form a romantic relationship, there is need to have or develop love. In any case, affection attracts parties together. Once attracted by love, it is more prudent to ensure that the love fire keeps burning in your relationship. Putting off the candle of love that brought you together means stooping the romantic relationship.

Another important issue that arose in any romantic relationship is the trust existing between the two parties. It is the total reliance on the other party to the extent that you can share with him or her part of your private life. It entails putting the other party responsible for some part of your life that only you know. It is very important in the dating a man or a woman. In most cases, love flourishes well were there is no trust (Davis, 2010). When mistrust crops in then it becomes a serious issue in the affair calling for an agent action to be taken against the issue. Mistrust crops in due to a member of the party going against the agreement made at the beginning.

Closely related to the issue of mistrust is infidelity; engaging in many affairs other than the one acquired before. Many issues may make one party to go out of the affair that they had started but none of them should be an excuse for doing so. Among such reasons may include dissatisfaction of one party, revenge since the other party does it, harassments which may be both sexual or physical, irresponsibility of one party and many others. For instance, a drinking partner may become socially and economically irresponsible discouraging the other collaborate hence a point of discord leading to mistrust and break ups. A party who comes in the house with clothes having female perfume and having receipts of lodging in his pocket is likely to be mistrusted (Tracy, 2010).

The Plan of the Paper

Dating relationship is a kind were the two parties involved are attracted to each other enjoying mutual understanding, love and in most cases the respect each other. It is usually a relationship were the parties involved have the ‘rights’ according to them of spending most of your special time together. Interpersonal interactions in some cases may lead to a rise of certain types of need s and desires that need resources to be satisfied. So many benefits accrue from interpersonal relationships. However, a person should never make a mistake of going into an affair with a view of getting the many benefits that paper outlines.

To begin with, interpersonal relations create a basis for the satisfaction of certain important needs of a person. Most people would want strong attachment, which can only be derived from the interpersonal relations (Tracy, 2010). In addition, there is a better ground for social support between the two parties. In a relationship of dating, it will be possible for the man to get the social support from the woman and vice versa especially during times of distress that originates out of the affair. If it originates from within, then it becomes disastrous to any of the parties involved. On the other hand, it can be a very fertile place of synergy; accomplishing of what if you were alone it would not have been possible or would have taken more days instead.

Communication is the passing of information from one person to another using any available means that ranges from verbal to use of devices such as the mobile phone to pass the information. In a relationship, it is very important and vital to communicate to each other and all the problems encountered should be sorted out by means of communication between the parties of the affair. Whenever a problem arises between the members of the affair, there is need to sit down and talk it over instead of holding it keeping a grudge with the other person. This is most cases results into very sour relationship between the two of you. It may end up into break up of the affair altogether.

There is need for true love since without it then the relationship is just but a wreck. At the beginning, good things always occur but starts getting sour with time simply because there is not interest that existed before. It is very important to maintain some things that you were doing and if they start diminishing, one should do all that is possible to revive those things to attain the status quo of the relationships. Give each other time and appreciate each other whenever the appreciation is worth. Many people are discoursed on the way just because they are never treated special the way it was some at the beginning. Through communication , one should initiate such issues in order to win back the love tat was already existing before the start of the problems that are just about to spoil the specialty that you have shared.

For instance, there are romantic names you called your partner but you are currently not using them. There is need to revive this and normalize the issues very amicably. This can only happen through communication between the partners themselves. Treating some one with respect also has mended so many relationships especially the romantic one. Respect is one of the dynamics of a positive interpersonal relationship therefore; there should be a greater and high respect between the parties involved in the affair (Havelin, 2000).

One of the greatest interpersonal dynamic that will see a relationship achieve many things is integrity. Many affairs lack integrity in their lifespan bringing many problems including mistrust upon discovery that the person has been hiding a very serious issue all this while. It is good to be true, transparent, free and accountable to your own actions. There is no weapon as sharp and effective as integrity. Telling liars will only land you into problems. It is advisable that people who are dating maintain high level of integrity, transparency and accountability.


Relationships in the 21st century have become more technical and are experiencing many problems. These problems have made relationships breakup causing a lot of trauma. As a result, there has been reduced life expectancy of individuals due to stress effects. Nevertheless, most of these issues can be solved through dialogue and communication, a process that has been too difficult to people since they have become too busy to concentrate on these affairs. In effect, honesty, love, trust, fidelity and the good virtues of relationships have been lost in the air. This has raised a lot of concern especially to the victims and there has been a study to get the solutions of all these problems.

This paper has presented to you some of the causes of relationship failures in a scenario of the romantic relationship. It has tried to explain how to get rid of all these problems. Amongst the solutions is maintaining our status in the relationship, appreciating our partners, upholding highest levels of integrity, love and respect. With all these virtues, relationships can go a long way reducing the effects of stress consequently raising the life expectancy of many human beings. The solution is not outside there, it is within us. Reach fro it and you shall save yourself from all these stress.

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