The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is an American federal organization which protects from discrimination in the workplace. It uses the system of reporting about the discrimination cases and publishes on its site the statistic data about the cases it worked on. The commission provides the regulations and laws about the protection of the rights in the workplace and general rights of a man, which function in the USA. Moreover, its online resources explain the process of charging for non-state or state employees, and applicants for a job.

What is Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?

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Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provides intermediary regulations of the situation. Thus, it may also work further with the client. The majority of employers with at least 15 employees are a sphere of work of EEOC. Its laws function at any stages of work like hiring or applying for a job, firing or promotion, and salaries or bonuses. EEOC evaluates the evidences as for the charge and then starts an investigation. If there is any proof of discrimination, the charges are settled. Later, the commission may file a lawsuit to protect human rights or public interests. Finally, EEOC works to prevent the cases of discrimination with the help of various educational programs. Its head office functions in Washington and in other 53 offices all over the USA.
As far as there are various types of discrimination, there is a need to specify them. Age discrimination happens when people are treated less favorably in the workplace because of their age. Thus, according to ADEA, age discrimination concerns people older than 40. It is forbidden to express offensive remarks or harassment about people’s age. Disability discrimination is illegal and happens if an applicant or an employee is treated less favorably because of his or her disability. The same situation is about equal pay, genetic information, national origin, citizenship, pregnancy, religion, and race and sex discrimination. Furthermore, the regulations and laws concerning discrimination by type have specific nuances and conditions. For example, in case of disability discrimination, the employer is required to provide appropriate accommodations for the applicant or employee with disability. Otherwise, the employer will suffer from hardships or will pay a huge sum of money. Thus, if such accommodation will cause undue hardship for the employer, he may not provide it.
Nowadays, diversity in the workplace becomes extremely important in the USA as the population is much diversified. It means acknowledgment and evaluation of such diversity between people on the basis of their age, sex, nationality, class etc. Moreover, it may reduce the level of lawsuits and contribute to creativity, productivity and new opportunities for the company. Thus, apart from acknowledging of the diversity in the workplace, the companies should work against discrimination, prejudices and stereotypes. HR managers work to protect the companies from lawsuits and work for hiring the right applicants for a job. They check if the organization has correctly determined and documented modern policy towards people. They manage awards and conditions for promotion; moreover, they create strategies to satisfy the interests of the governance and the goals of the organization.


The organization or a company works productively only in case if there is no discrimination and prejudices in the workplace. It depends on manager’s understanding what is good for his or her company and make use of the diversity. It is impossible to ignore the notion of diversity as it is the result of the modern changing world. It is necessary to create equal opportunities and conditions for every individual no matter his or her age, sex, nationality or religious preferences. Only in such situation the work of the company will be beneficial. In case there are situations of discrimination, EEOC starts working in this sphere and protects the rights of the applicant or employee.

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