TV dinners are frozen trays of precooked food. They are also referred to as frozen dinners, and they are packed automatically on a conveyor system. The concept of a TV dinner was made popular in the 1950s, and with the increasing use of microwave, frozen dinners are large parts of the grocery market. TV dinner were contingency meals, much as they are today and nobody confused a TV dinner with the real thing. TV dinner revolutionized the way American families eat since before their introduction all the American families used to prepare their food from scratch. This revolution can be considered positive or negative depending on the effects on American families. First the revolution can be considered positive due to a number of benefits it brought to the American families.

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One of the benefits of the TV dinner was convenience. This food saved time because there was no effort needed in preparation and consumption of the food, what was required was defrosting and heating only. Another major benefit of the TV dinner was that it encouraged feminist movement. Many women gained the freedom to go to work like their male counterparts. Hours spent by women in the kitchen were reduced since they did not have to prepare the food from the scratch any more. In fact, women started to go to work leaving their husbands and kids to feed for their own breakfast.

TV dinner also allowed the American families to have different meals at the same time. This was so because you could buy a variety of food which does not require much time to prepare. TV dinner altered the evening meals for the American families. They started having their meals in the living room while watching the TV which they were addicted to during those old days. This was also facilitated by the packing of food in the TV trays. The food was well packed that it could not spill on to your lap, and you can be glued to whatever might be on the TV thus having dinner become a fun. TV dinner prepared us for air food, microwave cooking, chicken nuggets and salads-in-a-cup.

On the other hand, TV dinner revolution can be considered negative due to the downfalls it brought to the Americans families. TV dinner started causing health problems such as obesity. Many cases were reported, and it was concluded that the TV dinner is igniting the obesity epidemic. The world health organization also started warning that the TV dinner is causing people to grow fat due to the saturated fats it contains and this may increase the chances of a heart attack. Freezing food tends to degrade the taste of food, and thus meals were heavily processed with extra salts to compensate and hydrogenated oils were used to stabilize the food.

More so preservatives were used to conserve this food. The processed food could therefore bring many health problems. Since both parents started working, children were taken to day care centers thus affecting the child-mother relationship. Divorce case also increased due to pressure imposed on both parents. Husbands were forced to cook for themselves something they were not used to before, and ladies were introduced to new jobs which had more commitments than there were used to. This brought commotion at home leading to divorce.

TV dinner had both positive and negative effects to the American families. In my opinion the negative impact almost killed the “real” American family. The social life of the American family was seriously affected, and modern children are lacking enough parental love due to the introduction of the TV dinner. The kitchen life where women shared labor, gave advice and comfort to one another died and new slogan is “anyone can cook”.

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