American Revolution also referred to as the revolutionary war began in the years preceding the first shots were fired at the Lexington and Concord battle. The main issues that amounted to the revolution were the infringement of the civil rights colonists from America together with the religious and political ideals forced by Britain on colonies and also the parliamentary taxation coupled with vicious measures by the British military. England needed a colony to offer resources for its country based on mercantilism since the colonies in America had economic restrictions.

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In 1763, the period succeeding England’s win on the Indian-French war, England found herself in serious debt. The war was very costly and thus England was forced to hold firmly the colonies in North America. The American colonists were therefore not in a position to trade freely with other nations. Because Indian-French war was fought on the land of the Americans for the protection of the people of America, Britain deemed that the colonists must assist paying off a part of the debt incurred in the war period (Brinkley, 2009).

The Americans found this outrageous. Colonists were annoyed and became violent the moment the Stamp Act came in force in 1765, the first time that saw colonists being taxed for the entire purpose of providing money.  Therefore, all the taxation which emerged was a great cause of the revolutionary war not merely because it interfered with the economy but because the way of life of the colonists of America. What led to the revolutionary war was mainly rooted in the autonomous position and personal liberty of colonists. Other factors included English taxation policy without representation, violent actions of British military and ultimate civil liberties restriction of the colonists led to the American Revolution in April of 1775 (Hibbert, 1990).

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