For the previous two decades, the American citizens have faced severe political, economical, and social trends. They range from racial polarization especially in urban areas, inflation, and crime and have led to a disillusionment mood among many Americans. It led to citizens raising questions about the government and its ability to control political and social issues. Conservatives who were already out of power especially in national posts were keen to exploit the mood. It came at a time when Americans had strong faith in the government and its traditional values, and those against it were accused of belonging to the modern society.

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The conservatives found their support in churches where Christians were also concerned with the rise in crime, and immoralities within the society. A group was formed in 1980s named the Moral Majority with Baptist minister, Jerry Falwell as the leader that had considerable power in the Republican Party. Their aim was to use religion to get the power and a huge following. The conservatives at the time were against the legalization of abortion opposing a court decision in 1973 allowing abortion to be done if the pregnancy is in its early months. As they looked political support, a right wing grew from the republic. It selected its presidential candidate as Barry Goldwater and went under cover. They used fund raising techniques in 1980 to overtake the moderate wing of the Republican Party.

It was then that Ronald Reagan who was a Hollywood actor prior to turning to politics. His television speech read in 1964 earned him many supporters, although he was supporting Barry Goldwater. He became the governor of California in 1966 and became the winner of the presidency seat in 1980.

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