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Wondering what your beloved son or daughter needs to do in order to move from one grade to another? Or are you one of those kids who are going to start their education at Newman High School?
If you want to receive a high school diploma, you will need to meet all state-mandated and all credit requirements, clear all school fines and meet the official state testing requirements too.
If you failed to meet state-mandated testing requirements but met all course and credit requirements, you will be granted with a Certificate of Performance. Other students who cleared all school fines, met all credit/course requirements and follow the rules of the school Code of Conduct will be allowed to attend the graduation ceremony.

If you are a 9th grader, you need to be promoted from the 8th grade;
If you are a 10th grader, you need 6 units out of 8 possible units. You are required to pass a 9th grade Comp/Literature and earn 1 unit for Math.
Being an 11th grader, it’s important to have 13 out of 16 possible units. You must have passed both your 9th and 10th grade Comp/Literature. You need to have 2 units for Math and 2 units for Science.
Being a 12th grader, you need to have 20 units out of possible 24 units. You also must have passed Comp/Literature of your 9th and 10th grades, and 11th grade Comp/American Literature. You must have 2 Science and 3 Math units.

Graduation Details:

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