Nowadays, in an abundance of cases, it is significant to be either bilingual or multilingual. Moreover, any second language learner can be supposed to continue his/her studying by means of special education services or gifted services. In order to achieve this goal, it is often prominent to take into account some factors.

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First of all, these issues refer to those who have already made their mind to study the second language and those who speak it already, but they desire to give an added gloss to their skills. These issues include the limited language proficiency/second language acquisition which might be “a significant contributing factor in the child’s academic performance” (Rhodes, Ochoa, Ortiz 83).

Moreover, if a student is not guaranteed an effective manner of teaching, it can become a reason to become a student of a special educational service. If the improvement of skills in the second language is not the same as the one of the native language or the first language (the same period of studying is taken into account), it is evident that it is the signal to attend special classes as the scientists have already proved that a person can learn two or more languages whereas the knowledge of all languages can be at the same level.

Finally, cultural interferences can become a key source of influence on the academic performance of a student. If a student has been grown up in a family whose traditions, customs and, especially, mentality, differs from the currently accepted norms of the group where the second language is studied, it is one more reason to recommend a student special educational services.

In conclusion, it is important to notify that limited second language proficiency, the lack of effective teaching methods, cultural differences as well as the level of knowledge achieved during the same period of time can make a second language learner apply special educational services and gifted services. However, each case needs an individual way of study whereas all these factors are also aimed at distinguishing between genuine disabilities and linguistic or cultural differences.

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