There is a huge amount of different opinions about pornography and how does it influence one’s life. One of those thoughts is that pornography doesn’t help people feel happier or get satisfaction but it is a problem that causes divorces and deformed way of thinking. Pornography violates social values. In various countries it is recognized as a crime against public health and morals and is restricted by law. According to distinct researches the amount of people that have problems with pornography is from 86% to 98 % of men and from 56% to 85% of women. Many governments argue that the state has a right to “preserve decency in society”. Obviously the media who violate laws on obscenity and publish material that is harmful to children and young people are criminals.

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The industry of pornography is very developed nowadays and many people think that it can be an interesting way of finding something new for them. The truth is that porno films destroy human sexuality. Once a person saw the ideal picture of sex, he/she wants to get it in real life. Often people don’t even understand that they were deceived. Real life rarely comes to what is represented in the fake world of pornography. And when a man demands that the reality become like his sex fantasy it devastates him and hurts his wife. In the end both feel abused and less interested in proximity to each other. Pornography does not create desire of intimacy; it alienates people from each other. It also destroys intimacy in marriage. Many men who like pornography often compare their wives with what they saw. And no wife can meet young, impeccably decorated, inflated, silicon, zoomed image of porno model. One wife said: “Even when I was very attentive to my clothes and shapes, my husband was becoming more and more critical of how I look … I was not attractive enough to compete with the ever-young models…  and finally he lost me. It gained such a devastating effect on me that I simply ceased to consider myself as a woman. I plunged through it in such despair that just stopped carrying about my shapes.” This is a great example of how dangerous pornography is. If government of the country wants its citizens to have strong marriages it should control the industry of pornography.

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