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Socio-cultural Integration is one of the many things that I read and learnt in this course. Socio-cultural matters are quite a number and are diversified across any society setting. They incorporate a wide scope of factors which have a strong impact to demography as well as economy although they could posses their specific dynamics and characteristics (Archer, pp. 1-46). One kind of Socio-cultural Integration is clearly evident in the documentary film known as “The Devil’s Miner.” The documentary film, The Devil’s miner presents a kind of socio-cultural integration where a fourteen year old Basilio, a Bolivian boy with his younger brother Bernardino have taken the mining job as the only way to live up to the challenge of life (The Devil’s Miner, Scene 1). These events affecting Basilio and his brother present large-scale matters which include the impact that globalization has had on their life styles.

The Devil’s miner reveals about ethnic and religious relationships as well as the increasing area of poverty, crime and social exclusion. The socio-cultural systems and values of the people in the film context have gone through a transformation where the devil is considered to have the only hope for the miners. Perceptions on the impact of globalization on the socio-cultural evolution of this community are stoutly diverging. People in this society are lacking identity to the point of identifying themselves with the devil for the safety of their lives. This is what globalization has caused in their lives. Globalization driven by the mining technology in this documentary film has changed the life, customs, views and institutions of these two brothers concerning the future. The experience of these two brothers has been narrowed by the importance of mining to lay focus on economic utility. Generally, since economy is miles ahead of culture on matters of integration, globalization is thought to be a danger which weakens identities where local cultures guard themselves from the emerging overall culture (Acher, p.11).

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