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With growing and developing societies, different ethnicities result in the creation of distinct cultures. One of the variables taken into account by those who study human behavior is that of relative geographical spacing. The way in which people examine their framework in regards to how they fit into their culture, as well as how their culture fits into the world’s cultures is through both spacing as far as physically and temporally. When looking at a space geographically in which a race takes a foothold, the society must place value on that given area in order for a culture to take root there. As the society takes hold, the space between members of the society, as well as between societies will represent a power structure that will determine what type of intergroup dynamics will take place.

As the society develops, it establishes its own set of values and identity. This is what we have come to define as the culture of a particular group. As societies expanded in history, they eventually began to make contact with one another. Once this contact occurred, each society begins to develop its own concept of where it occupies space in relation to other societies. Then, there usually begins a transfusion of ideas and materials to where, depending on the cultures, there can be a blurring or merging of different ethnicities.

When taking into account all of the different variables, we see that how a society defines itself is based on the relationship between the dynamics that takes place within the society as well as how the society defines itself based on the geographical distance from other groups. There are interactions that take place which will continue to influence each group as they develop and this influence can be both positive and/or negative. This produces a challenge for behavioral scientists in the current world due to the fact that because there is not much more relative space, globalization has lead to a homogenous relationship to occur between groups.

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