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Brilliant breathtaking story depicting the process of creation and foundation of Facebook, in fact, shows deep human relations and proves some universal truths about the greatest things that ever existed in the world like friendship and loyalty. This movie is about a boy who decided to make a revenge upon the girl that broke up with him and wrote a code for a program “Facemash” that contained pictures of all the girls of his college, and the visitors had to vote and choose one of the girls they liked the most. The program was successful and the servers of the government were overloaded and were about to break. Mark Zuckerberg is a talented boy, his friend Eduardo is smart and is a symbol of real friend in this movie. Brothers Winklevoss are handsome and belong to the upper class students of Harvard University; besides, they are going to participate in rowing races. The twins got to know about the network success of Mark and offered him a deal; they trusted Mark their new idea and provided him with their platform for him to start creating a great project. However, Mark was smart enough to create his own project and work for himself instead of being someone’s employee. The idea of creating a website where everyone has his profile with the photo and detailed information came as a lightening to Mark’s brain. If there is such a website, there is no need to ask your friends about the girl or a boy you liked, you can go and visit his or her page and see all the information you are interested in like favorite movies, closest friends, books, TV-shows, interests and just everything. However, after the website began to work, Winklevoss brothers decided that Mark plagiarized their idea and suit him. Eduardo suited him for money. However, it looks more like betrayal of friendship that happened between them. If to analyze Mark as a person judging by this movie, he is a smart and clever boy with a sense of business, but, at the same time, he is not very communicative and in order to get his ex-girlfriend back, he creates the social network that is meant to delete and clear borders between people and their thoughts and relations. As one of the movie characters puts it, Mark is not a bad person, but he is trying so hard to seem so. The story ends as a usual drama with the thought-provoking elements leaving the viewers to decide whether they sympathize with Mark Zuckerberg, hate him, or, on the contrary, think that he is genius and the greatest person on the planet for now.

The idea of the movie

One of the ideas during the movie is that Mark Zuckerberg violated the copyright law or even plagiarized the Winklevosses’ idea, but the way the story is presented in the movie, we can make a decision that he used his own idea because the Winklevosses’ idea occurred based on Mark’s idea of Facemash. There is no reason to charge him for violating the copyright law because Mark did not use a single sign of brothers’ code, and the whole idea was his own. The idea he heard from brothers was modified and worked through by Mark, and, after that, it was fully his idea and nobody else’s. But in fact The Media of Mass Communication states, “What is plagiarism? Generally, it’s considered passing off someone else’s creative work as your own, without permission. It’s still plagiarism even if the original is changed a tad” (Vivian 459) So, the question of whether the whole idea was unique or plagiarized is quite disputable. However, there is more reason in the idea of Mark’s brain and hardworking for the sake of creating something new and not copying anybody else’s ideas.


The question of ethics is also raised by this story, and, more evidently than anything else, there is a problem of true friendship and business, and how it is impossible to unite these two things together. There is also a problem of a person that tries hard to become a part of “exquisite society”, and this person is Mark Zuckerberg who devotes his life to this and puts all his future at risks for making this idea and dream to come true. Mark and Eduardo’s friendship and all the hazards of life is the brightest example of real feelings. Eduardo is the only person who is loyal to Mark, he tells everything openly without scheming behind people’s backs and making business according to the old and honest rules. Sean Parker is the dark soul mate of Mark. They easily find the way to deal with each other. Sean has relations in the society, and his ties help them to make their business and to earn money. But there is a choice in front of Mark: friendship or money, business or loyalty to his friend who actually helped him to start this business. The answer is that this is because of the money and time and people forget about their friends when it comes to earning money and making business. In fact, there are a lot of questions of morality and ethics. As it is stated in the book The Media of Mass Communication: “Ethics, rather, needs to be an intellectual process of sorting through media commitments, audience expectations and broad principles” (Vivian 451). That is why it was so hard for all the participants to find the right way of behavior and choose what to do and what to say in this or that occasion.

In order to make a conclusion, there is a saying that all people try to become somebody in life, and there are a lot of ways of doing this. It depends on a person what methods and sources he or she chooses to achieve their goals and aims. Nobody has a right to judge others, and only the person and his or her sense of right and ethics can help to make the right choice and live in accordance with inner and outer world at the same time.

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