Acquiring a master degree is one of the major dreams for me as I have realized that graduation alone may not be sufficient enough for me to get a good profession. The immense popularity of Information Technology forced me to opt for Information Technology and Computing as major for my graduation even though I was very much interested in finance. I strongly believe that a foundation course in information technology is necessary as most of the employment functions were performed with the help of computers in the current organizational world. In short, instead of natural interest, the demand and the necessity of the modern world forced me to select computer science as major during my graduation

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Now, I have acquired the much needed knowledge in information technology and I believe that I should select the subject of my natural interest for my master degree course. Finance is my obvious choice even though I do not have any prior work experience or academic knowledge relating to finance. Money is one among the four M’s of planning in an organization and I think many of the organization fail to prosper because of poor money or finance management. One of my family members is working as a finance manager in one major organization and he has inspired me a lot in my decision to apply for a M.Sc. in finance.  The economy of many of the countries faced severe problems in recent times because of the global financial crisis. Poor financial management was the major reason for the collapse of many of the prominent organizations. In other words efficient financial management is necessary for companies and countries to escape from recession like economic evils and I believe that I can play a major role in helping organizations in overcoming financial problems and for that purpose, Master degree in finance is necessary for me. 

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