Most schools are adopting the trend of using online education programs to teach coursework of high schools. An example of an institution offering this program is Whitmore Online High School that is located in Chaplin. Students prefer online high school programs since they enable them to learn at their own pace (Herrington, Reeves & Oliver, 2010; Palloff & Pratt, 2007). In addition, a student can join such programs at any time of the year thus showing that such programs are convenient. Another institution that offers online educational programs is South Carolina Virtual Charter School. This school has a strong online curriculum program.

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Although most institutions have introduced online high school programs, some students still prefer to stay in the traditional classroom. This is because they argue that traditional classrooms help them to interact more with their teachers (Iskander, 2008; Pozzi, Persico & Pozzi, 2010; Boschee, Whitehead & Glatthorn, 2008). In addition, some students argue that traditional classroom settings are livelier since students are able to interact freely with each other through these settings. Traditional classrooms help students to complete their coursework on time since they are closely monitored. It shows that principles of these institutions should formulate strategies in order to increase the number of retention rates of high school students taking online programs.

One of the strategies that principles should take is educating the students on the benefits of online education programs. This will make students to know how online programs will help them to have flexible learning (Stavredes, 2011). In addition, the principles should consider increasing the number of tutorials that are available in online programs. Such tutorials will help the students to know how to navigate through the online portal. Video tutorials will also help the students to understand hard concepts that may be examined at the end of the semester (Watkins & Corry, 2010). The principles of high schools should also consider increasing online interaction between students and teachers. This can be achieved by starting online dialogue between students and teachers (Palloff & Pratt, 2009). It will enable students to ask teachers any question that they may have.

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