Advertising Strategy in Marketing

In the corporate and business world today, competition is relatively high. This is because of the innovations that are witnessed in the market with each passing day. Organizations have had to come up with strategic measures on how to deal with the issues surrounding consumer satisfaction and customer awareness of their products. This is so as to ensure that they are able to reach out to their target market. Each organization seeks to have competitive advantage over other players in the market.

In any organization, strategies must be put in place so as to ensure that the organization remains competitive in the market. The marketing department must come up with marketing strategies aimed at reaching to the consumers of the products being provided by the organization. The marketing manager must be in a position to study, understand and analyze the market. This is extremely crucial in ensuring that there are no unfounded speculations when coming up with the marketing strategies. The strategies that the manager puts forward must conform to the goals and objectives of the organization. This is so as to ensure that the organization is successful (Pride and Ferrell 55).

One of the most implemented marketing strategies is advertising. Advertising is a form of business communication with the consumers whereby they are persuaded to purchase the products being displayed. This is carried out so as to ensure that the consumers are aware of the existence of the product in the market. An advertisement also serves as an indicator of the benefits that a particular product presents to the consumers. This is because the aim of an advertisement is to lure the consumer into purchasing the particular product. IBM computers have been in the market for a long period of time. Competition has risen in the industry of computers. This is because of the numerous companies that have risen up all in a bid to present personal computers to consumers. This rising competition in the industry has necessitated not only differentiation of its products but also the need to get actively involved in the implementation of marketing strategies.

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In choosing the best solution for a company, there are several factors that need to be considered. The time that will be used in the implementation process is a major concern. If the timeline is too long, it implies that the decision will not be profitable to the firm. Much as in the long run the decision will benefit the firm, the benefits may be too small to be considered. If the limitations outweigh the benefits, the manager should not implement the particular decision.

One of the most celebrated advertisements of IBM was done in 1981. This advertisement was carried out by Einstein, Geller, Lord and Federico who had been contracted for the job. The advertisement was a success as it won numerous awards. The advertisement was entitled ‘The House.’ The concept brought out in the advertisement implies that IBM Computers are the solutions to all data related problems.

Over the years, IBM computers have used print media as the advertising tool. This is because it is highly reachable to the target market. In recent years, technological advancements seem to have taken over the advertising process coupled with the accessibility. Particularly, globalization has cropped into the picture and the use of World Wide Web as a form of advertising has taken over print media advertising. Technological advancements in televised products took over the print media. However, this did not last long because it was soon surpassed by World Wide Web.

An example of an advertisement that has been done via the internet on IBM computers is the 1989 IBM Add on You Tube. This is an indication of the shift from print media advertisement as a new trend adapted by IBM computers’ management.

The manager should also consider the tangible costs. If the cost of implementing the decision is too high, the eventual benefit might be negative. A manager should only apply a decision if it brings profits to the firm. After all, this is the optimal goal of the firm. If the there are no gains, the manager should seek alternative lines of action. He should also consider whether the decision he makes is acceptable to the management. If the decision does not complement the other strategies that the firm has undertaken, the manager should not implement it. If the decision that has been implemented does not work towards achievement of the company’s goals, it should not be applied.  If a decision is not in line with the accepted ethics, it should not be applied (Clampitt 256).

However, it should be noted that making marketing strategy decisions for a marketing manager is not an easy task. In fact, the organization should carefully choose a suitable candidate for the managerial post (Jackson and Mathis 194). This is because there are numerous challenges that the manager will have to go through. Therefore, it is important to well aware of the challenges waiting as discussed below.

The biggest challenge that new marketing managers face include the pressures that they are subjected to. These pressures could be due to the competition in the market where there are already established companies. Consumers also tend to stick to the older companies due to loyalty. There is also the fear of the risks involved in terms of quality. Some consumers will not be willing to try out new products from new companies. This therefore results in low sales yet the company’s expectations are huge sales so as to increase revenues and also meet their optimum goal of maximizing profits. The manager is faced with the problem of meeting the goals and expectations of the company.

The Root of the Problem

The manager can identify the root of the problem as being poor criterion applied in carrying out the marketing process. This could also be due to ignored risks factors and hence resulting in different results from the expected results. The problems could also be the coordination of activities between the manager and his subordinates. This therefore means that the set goals are not achieved. If the strategies that are meant to be applied are not well communicated, it could result in failure in achievement of the ultimate goal.

The problem could also be emerging from the superiors. This could be due to unnecessary pressure or setting of ideal objectives. If the goals set are not achievable, it becomes impossible to achieve them irrespective of how hard they try. The superiors could also be leaving the managers on their own without offering them any help. This means that some unclear issues are not clarified. The managers are faced with lack of morale if they are not achieving the set goals and as a result, the same lack of morale is passed onto the subordinates

The problems could be both long term and short term. Short term problems are at the initial stage for example, when introducing the product in the market, there could be resistance from the consumers before they get to know the product. Lack of morale is also a short term problem that ends as soon as the volumes of sales start increasing. Long term problems include the competition from already established companies that are already prosperous in the market. Competition will always exist since each businessman wants to maximize profits.

The manager also faces the problem of adhering to the ethics in the industry that have to be maintained. Many are the times when managers are tempted to go against these ethics so as to come out prosperous in the business. It is their responsibility to ensure that they adhere and use ethically accepted criterion so as achieve their goals and also gain competitive advantage (Hanson 156).

Subject to all these problems, the manager has to make the decision on the way forward so as to effectively achieve the goals of the company. It is their solemn responsibility to ensure that they provide the subordinates with the clear steps on how they should carry out their duties towards the achievement of the set goals. The juniors work based on the instructions given to them by the managers.

The root of all problems experienced by managers is poor communication skills. This is due to use of impolite language when addressing juniors especially. As a result, their performance levels are very low. There could also be the problem of ambiguity in communication hence causing misunderstandings. The goals of the organization end up not being achieved. Impoliteness results low esteem in the employees and once they go out there to sell and market the products, lack of enthusiasm does not augur well with the consumers. This results in low sales volumes.

The Underestimation

Another major cause of the managerial problems discussed above is underestimation. A manager should not leave anything to chance but should make sure that every aspect is dealt with when making decisions in the company. The strategy in dealing with the competition in the market should be thorough so as to ensure that the goals of the firm are achieved. Managers must also learn to encourage teamwork such that all the ideas in the company are combined to come up with the best solution.

It is clear that computers industry is fast expanding. This means that the competition level is much higher than in earlier times. It is important for the marketing managers to implement ways of dealing with the rising competition levels. Having analyzed all the responsibilities that are in the hands of any manager, including a marketing manager, a strategy that ensures that both parties’ needs are catered for must be developed. There needs to be a solution on who is to be held responsible in the event that a decision is made and as result things do not go as planned. This will ensure that an organization such as IBM computers remains successful (Shim & Siegel 123).

IBM computers have remained at the top of the personal computers industries for many years. This is greatly attributed to the fact that the marketing managers at IBM have been able to come up with marketing strategies that have ensured that the company remains competitive. The implementation of advertising strategies that match the technological advancements is a strategy that seems to have worked best for the company. This is because different generations are in a position to identify with the company trends. This ensures that are able to reach out to a larger pool of customers.

In any industry, the differentiating factor in the level of success is subject to the strategic measures implemented in dealing with the competition. The management of IBM computers has utilized this realization to their advantage. They have been able to reach their target market. As a result, the company continues to enjoy large volumes of sales. This has enabled them to attain their optimum goal of profit maximization.

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