Primark is a clothing retail company that was founded way back in 1969 in Dublin. It operates several retail stores in different countries including the U.K, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Currently, the company operates a total of 235retail stores with 156 in the U.K, 38 in Ireland, 25 in Spain, 7 in Germany, 5 in Portugal, 3 in the Netherlands, and 1 in Belgium (Primark, 2011). Although the company is headquartered in Ireland where it operates as Penneys, it is a subsidiary of the Associated British Foods plc, and is ultimately run by the Weston family. The company has built a reputation for selling products of high quality, but at an affordable price.

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Primark targets women, men and children within the mass markets within which it operates. The age of its target customers range from children and early teens to mid-adulthood. As stated above, Primark has been able to build a reputation for itself due to the affordable price on most of its products. This can be attributed to the fact that most of the company’s supplies come from South East Asia, India and China. This makes the production cost lower than the average production cost in the fashion industry. The low pricing system has given this company an edge over other industry players such as Mark & Spence and Tesco. For example, a silk geometric dress for women goes for as low as £ 10. Short-sleeve T-shirts for women go for £ 3, jeans for £ 9. A child’s T-shirt goes for £ 1.50 while 3 pairs of children’s socks go for £ 1.50. Men’s anorak goes for as low as £ 10, as compared to other fashion stores that sell it for £ 2. Colored jeans for men go for £ 11 and a hoodie goes for £ 8 (Osborne, 2012).

On entering all Primark stores, the first items one encounters are the latest shoes and clothing designs. Moreover, the stores are well sign posted, which gives the customer an easy time of locating specific products (Osborne, 2012). This gives the customer the opportunity to experience with these products first-hand.  All Primark stores are packed with enough stock. This means that the assortment width and depth of these stores is above board because customers have wide variety of products to choose from.

The primary Primark mid-adult customers are professional men and women with household income of at least £ 100 thousand. Most of these customers are college educated and live in middle-class neighborhoods in their respective countries. These customers are always looking for bargains but are willing to spend more on quality and specific items. They often solicit for help in understanding what shoes or clothing is right for them. This is because they want to look their best, feel good about themselves and make a good impression at their work places. They are internet savvy, love reading vogue and travelling and own some of the best and latest car models in the market. Most children who visit Primark stores, particularly boys have a craving for T-shirts that depict their sporting icons and teams. On the other hand, sporting rompers are the most acceptable and latest fashion trend for the girl child. When it comes to shoes, kids are also very attentive. Some prefer sporty shoes while others prefer designer and fashionable shoes.  Most of the teenagers who visit Primark stores are fashion conscious. They tend to look out for the latest fashion. Teenage boys show a preference for designer cloths and designer shoes. On the other hand, teenage girls love unique dresses that stand out from the rest. They prefer heels and trendy dresses. However, there is a similarity between the likes of teenage boys and girls both in the shoes and cloths they prefer. They both prefer look-alikes of their favorite celebrities.

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