There are thousands of jobs and occupations in the modern world. All of them have unique elements and characteristics. The specificity of jobs, including environment and duties of the employees, causes the need for different approaches to workplaces organization. According to Kelly Andrews (2007), work posture is one of the most important factors of productivity and convenience.

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Very often, the job is connected with durable sitting, especially when working with the computer. For this reason, a neutral sitting position was developed by ergonomists. A worker should sit on a fully adjustable office chair with a straight back. The head should not be bent neither forward nor backward. The level of eyes should match the top part of the screen. A desk should have a tray for a keyboard and mouse, situated at the level of human elbows and wrists. Besides, the feet should stand flat on the ground.

The described work posture is quite appropriate for such type of jobs. A worker feels comfortable and relaxed. At the same time, nothing distracts attention, and it is easier to concentrate. However, an employee should take short breaks every half an hour in order to avoid overstrain.

Another popular work posture is a standing position. It is also used when working with the computer. A worker should stand at the high table with straight legs and back. The recommendations regarding the head position are similar to those for the sitting posture. However, the level of eyes should match the center of a screen. The elbows should be parallel with the floor and match the level of a table. No additional tray for keyboard and mouse is needed. This position is used not as often as a previously described one, but it is rather suitable for a number of jobs.

Considering the two popular ergonomic positions for work, it can be stated that they both are safe and comfortable. Nevertheless, using each of the postures for a long time may result in some health problems. The best way to prevent inconveniences is to take pauses regularly.

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