The Beat Generation was a group of post world war two writers in the 1950s.They exhibited a peculiar culture. They followed the Eastern religion and rejected materialism. They were an anti-conformists youth movement that began in New York.

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They were different from the rest of society as they strange ways of liberalizing publishing. These included obscene trials as well as spontaneous creativity. The Beat generation engaged in massive consumption of drugs .This was however experimental   and it was inspired by intellectual interest. They were bisexual and the Beat culture oppressed its American women.

They influenced the government to allow them to publish their own writing. Their behavior was a way of showing the people that they needed their writings to be published.

The two speeches of Martin Luther King – the letter from Birmingham Jail and I have A dream bring out various aspects of Martin Luther’s understanding of American History and the Beat Generation. Martin Luther was against social discrimination of the Black people popularly known as the Negro. He was against unjust   laws which he viewed as no law at all. He advocated for the moral responsibility of disobeying unjust law. He borrowed from Bishop Augustine that an unjust law is not law at all. He was also against immorality and violent actions in society.

Martin Luther King felt heartbroken by the church as it failed in its responsibility to stop/prevent violence among the black nation. He also pushed for the Afro-American people to be heard. His understanding was that all people should have equal rights and privileges regardless of color.

In conclusion , Martin Luther King in his speech I have a Dream recognizes evident racism even after the end of slavery .He pushed for equal rights and freedoms and makes references to Abraham Lincoln’s opinion.

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