The beginning of the twentieth century was marked as the age of extremes. With the assassination of James Garfield in 1881 the war seriously aggravated. However, when Montana and Washington became states in 1889 the situation stabilized to some extent. Hovewer, after the declaration of war with Spain the inequality between the rich and the poor became dismaying, provoking some people into taking action.

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Later on, when Roosevelt became the President in 1901 he tried to enforce strict rules to stabilize political and economic situation in the country. As an adherent of high morale and naturalist, he stimulated the conservation movement. In the world Roosevelt’s guidelines and slogans were very popular. Nevertheless, the healthcare environment in the U.S was grim at that time. Expenses per person were amongst the highest in the world, spending on medical needs constantly increased and roughly 20% of all bankruptcies occurred due to health care costs.

In 1898 America embarked on its first war on behalf of privileges of other people. In 1903 the U.S Congress passed the Platt Amendment, requiring Cuba to agree to American intervention. In April 1917 the war was declared on Germany and thus began the new period of endless battles.

The Great Society established a number of main goals. Equal civil rights for the African Americans and minorities, financial support for the poor and the establishment of agencies controlled by the government, along with funding for education etc.

The history of America is not going to end. There will constantly be new hindrances and clashes to face. However, the ordinary American who continuously stands steady for the call of duty will make all sacrifices for the sake of the country.

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