Water is one of the most important sources of life on the Earth. Nowadays, clean water becomes a precious value as human hand has significantly influenced the natural resources of our planet. The air, water, soil and even plant resources are being polluted and destroyed by humans. Deforestation as well has a great impact on water cycle and there are many reasons to consider its effect and reduce it.

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Deforestation is one of the reasons of the climate change. First of all, trees and plants take water from the ground and return it into the atmosphere during the respiration. When the forests are eradicated, this water is not released any more. So, the climate becomes drier. Consequently, deforestation results in less quantity of water in the soil and the atmosphere. Deforestation of different areas cannot absorb, save and then evaporate the precipitation.

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Moreover, in case there is heavy precipitation in the deforestated areas, the erosion and pollution of the water take place. Deforestation causes the increase of the temperature in the habitat and the soil. As the result, new deserts may appear on the Earth. The role of the forests and plants in water cycle is undisputable. Firstly, plants intercept, retain and evaporate the precipitation. Secondly, they retard the overspill of the water, which may result in elevation of the river levels and submerging of the towns and villages. The roots of the plants create numerous passages in the ground for the water to move. Thirdly, forests evaporate water and lower the moisture level of the soil. Finally, forests control the dampness of the air.

To sum up, forests and plants are active participants in water cycle. If there are fewer forests, numerous nature processes will stop working. What is more, deforestation influences people directly as well. Forests protect them from droughts and floods. So, people should consider and not ignore the role of the forests in water cycle and in major natural processes. There should be alternatives found to decrease the level of deforestation in the world.

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