To start with, throughout the whole history Rome had been facing plenty of events, ups and downs, and was ruled by many emperors and kings, who made contributions in order to bring fame to the city which was destined for greatness. The foundation of Rome is believed to be in 753 BC by Romulus. These papers will overview the city’s origins, the historical problems, and the achievements attributed by each of the kings.

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First of all, according to a legend, the city was founded by two twin boys Romulus and Remus. Having been abandoned by parents, they were close to death, but hopefully a wolf found them and fed them until a shepherd took boys under his upbringing. When they grew up, they decided to found a city in a place where wolf found them. Unfortunately, because of disputes that appeared, Remus was killed by a brother, which made Romulus the only founder of new city, which he named in honor of himself. An actual life was discovered to begin approximately in 8th century around seven hills, near the Tiber River. The settlements appeared there due to water supply and were separated from each other by swamp. This was a problem of great importance as they were vulnerable to attack existing solely. To find a solution they had to join with each other, but still swamp should have been drained, that needed a lot of time. Despite the legend, where the city seems to be built so fast, the opposite is true. The first tribe to live in the area was Latins from the Plains of Latium. They were rich and successful farmers and traders as well as Rome was rich and successful from early days. This was the reason for conflicts with surrounding areas. The main enemies were the Etruscans and the Samnites. To secure themselves, the Romans created an army which, besides protection, expanded the territory. As a result, by 300 BC they controlled most of the Italian peninsula.

The development of the city by seven kings

However, this information is rather controversial and is said to be given by Roman historians either to add sparkle or simply because of lack of facts. Nevertheless, the first king, as was written above, was Romulus. He is said to create the senate consisting of 100 persons, strengthening Palatine, and formation of Roman community. Furthermore, it was him who divided Romans on patricians and plebeians. His disappearance was mythical. The second was Numa Pompillius. He was wise and peaceful king, omitted fights against Rome’s neighbors, founded fairer laws, had reformed the calendar by adding the months of January and February to it, and built a lot of temples. Then Tullus Hostillius took power. He was a warrior, thought only about conquest and expansion. Because king’s disrespect towards gods, they punished Rome with a plague. WhenHostillius wanted to ask Jupiter for help, a lightening hit him. After his death Ancus Marcius became new king. As Pompillus was grandfather of Ancus, he was believed to return good attitude of gods. The king also created the working class and ordered to build the first bridge across the Tiber River. He died naturally.Tarquinius Priscus was the first Etruscan selected as the monarch and the fourth king. Priscus waged many wars, established the Roman games and built the Circus Maximus. Moreover, he founded sewer. But the son of Ancus Marcius wanted revenge; in a result Tarquinius was killed. Tanaquil, the queen,allowed Servius Tullus to gain power. Tullus made the first census of the Roman people. The ruler died at the hands of his son-law Tarquinius. The last king Tarquinius Superbus made the absolute rule of Etruscans and the absolute monarchy existed during his reign. He was a tyrant, did not consider the opinion of the Senate, resorted to killings, expulsions, seizures and his power was full of violence.

The end of monarchy in the Roman Republic

The end of the monarchy came when the Senate had voted against it. Consequently, the Roman Republic replaced earlier form of government. Two annually elected officials (consults) appeared. This new Roman Republic will begin the conquest of Western World.

To conclude, from the very beginning Rome was developing as prosperous and good place for living. Time after time emperors made their own contributions enriching its status and level of living. Although not every emperor did his best for community, Rome as a monarchy reached its heights and was replaced by new form of government, becoming the republic.

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