In the face of the growing concern over the effects of globalization, France and its entire French culture has not been spared. Cultural dilution occasioned by increase in the level of interaction between different nationals, convergence of tastes and preferences across the world, technological advancement in transport and communication among many other factors is on the increase. The impact of such factors are however either positive or negative depending on the issue in question.

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The desire to form political or economic federations like the European Union has impacted both negatively and positively on the French culture. (Goldhammer, 2009) There has been a need to scrap some of the domestic customs and practices in favor of those generally accepted by members of the union through treaties. The treaties range from international treaties on social issues like crime to those treaties touching on trade agreements. Under these treaties for instance, the Muslim community in France will not have the powers to prohibit the importation of pork.

Immigration laws have had to be loosened in the wake of pressure from the international community and trading partners. This has however changed and continues to change the composition of the French population. Foreigners have continued to stream in with their native culture thereby diffusing that of French. Currently, France is one of the Europe countries with a considerable number of foreign immigrants

Just like the American culture continues to attract imitation from many other word nations, so has the French continued to ape the culture too (Pachasi, 2009). There has and continues to be a class of people in France who favour the western dressing style and even language. Foreign activities like in sporting have also been adopted by some individuals and organizations. A good example is the American football and rugby which did not originally evolve in France. The western music is also being preferred by French nationals over their own music culture which is supposed to be more dominant.

Globalization as earlier on mentioned however is the driver of all these other factors. Advancement in terms of communication and transportation has continued to create a global village. The ease of transportation has increased the level of interaction while the efficient and faster communication technologies have increased not only the amount but also the quality of information shared. People will continue to access information including the uncensored thereby diluting the French culture.

It is therefore observed that the French culture is becoming more globally centered. This is due to the level with which it is being hijacked by other foreign culture. It is important to observe that the current state of affairs calls for every stakeholders to anticipate a future France that will comprise of different nationals and foreign cultures.

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