Human civilization has invented a great number of devices and appliances in order to facilitate different jobs. Namely, various types of material handling equipment are used at modern enterprises. This helps to increase productivity and reduces the need for human labor.

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One of the most popular devices of this type is a conveyor belt. It is widely used at industrial factories, as well as at warehouses and stores. Usually, it looks like a moving rubber string. However, it can also be made of any other material. Conveyors may be designed for different tasks, most often connected with the transportation of goods. Namely, at the supermarkets, such devices complement every cash desk. This helps to serve the customers quickly and secures the safeness of products.

Forklift truck is another example of widespread material handling devices. It is used for lifting and relocating the big-sized goods at warehouses, factories etc. Such trucks may be designed differently. However, according to Brindley (2005), their main task is to save health of the workers. People are needed only to operate the machines. Physical toil is substituted with mental work.

One more popular material handling device is a supermarket handcart. Actually, there is a big variety of carts at modern stores. Such equipment considerably helps customers with shopping. One can buy a huge number of products at once. Nevertheless, there is no need to lift heavy loads. Modern carts often include additional handles for clothes, and even seats for children. However, it would be sensible to ensure the possibilities for height adjustments, as long as not all the people are equally tall. What is more, it would be convenient to have a few separate boxes or shelves for different types of products.

Considering the use of the described equipment, it is obvious that such devices are irreplaceable at numerous enterprises. They considerably improve the ergonomic situation at numerous workplaces. However, there is always room for development and refinement.

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