Matrix movies are one of the most successful movies in the recent past. They bring philosophical ideas and facts to reality. However, most people will confess their ignorance of the main theme of the movies and as a result are dissatisfied by the movies. Any viewer must therefore have a strong philosophical background in order to fully understand the debates and ideas being conveyed in the movies. “The matrix represents a variety of social and philosophical commentary. This is represented through symbolism in the entire movie. It also conveys information regarding human condition and nature as well as the effects of philosophy to them who engage in it.”

Irony of Philosophy as it Deals with the Movie

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Main characters in the movie lay a strong philosophical base with the aim of saving humanity from the evil of matrix. This is contradicted by the same characters through their goals and morals. This is because the emptiness of the whole world cannot be compared by the beauty of the program world. In the entire movie, the idea of ignorance is happiness. It is however hard to rescue humanity when their dreams are not achievable or better than their actual lives. In addition, irony is created by Neo entering Zion. In Zion, Neo realizes that he is quite thin, weak and dressed in rags. The food is not edible, his shelter is too small. Zion is meant to be a place of plenty and good health thus creating irony. In the Matrix the characters can command weapons from the walls and block bullets while they still fear human beings. In the Matrix people suffer the burden of paying taxes, paying for education while Zion gives its people the burden of freeing others from the Matrix.

Willed Ignorance of the movie Matrix

Characters in the matrix choose to be ignorant to avoid being hurt. The phrase ‘ignorance is bliss” relates to not knowing the truth and reality by the characters. The characters therefore choose to let the reality unknown and undiscovered. They were being manipulated by machines and hence ignorance was a weapon to avoid feeling the pain that would come with knowing the truth. Because ignorance would not exempt you from facing the law, the characters chose ignorance because it made no difference while in the cave. Ignorance is willed because the prisoners don’t have to think much about the paths they are to take. To avoid making life boring, prisoners choose ignorance though continue doing the same thing.

Allegory of the Cave as it deals with the movie Matrix

This is a representation of the state of human existence and the transformation that occurred during philosophical alignment. When a freed man sees light, this is an allegory of perception and enlightment. It is therefore true that the Matrix is meant to keep people enslaved. Neo cannot explain to Morpheus what reality is in the movie. This portrays the inability of language in telling the truth or freeing people from mental bondage. The cave therefore represents imprisonment and lack of knowledge. Should people know the truth, then their thoughts and lifestyle would change. The cave is a prison because people in them do not know what the world holds for them and the potential they have.


The ideology in the Matrix is that nothing is a reality, every thing is allowed. This is true to both characters in the movies and to the entire film making industry in the modern world. The Matrix portrays violence with high technical impression. The first matrix film is an interpretation of Plato’s work, “Allegory of the cave” whose main theme is aimed at influencing the thoughts of people. It can be referred to as the modern day retelling of the allegory with a different meaning for modern philosophy.

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