Bilingualism entails the use of two languages in the process of communication. The United States has gradually incorporated bilingualism in its education and politics.

This paper explicates views about bilingualism in education and politics in the United States of America.

Education in some states such as Texas has been immensely boosted through the adoption of bilingual teaching programs. According to Rossell (2009) most students in the country have now been admitted into major schools to study. The application of various languages in the process of learning has led to the increased urge for education. Most students have been able to learn more languages hence boosting their understanding of the respective subjects they pursue. This has in turn boosted the level of education in Texas because most students are taught in the languages they understand best.

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Bilingualism has instrumentally contributed to the identity crisis especially among children. Most children who are taught other languages apart from their first language have ended up forgetting their native languages. Hakuta & Garcia (1989) assert that most Spanish students studying in the United States ended up forgetting their original languages hence leading to the identity crisis. They found it difficult to associate with their original culture and langauge. This has led to the loss of cultures among most children undergoing bilingual education. In addition, bilingual education has made it difficult for some students to speak in front of others due to the influences originating from their first languages. This has led to a decline in performance as some students shy off from speaking.

Bilingualism in education

The educational projects in most schools in the United States of America came up as a result of bilingualism. The government in collaboration with other non-governmental agencies have set up programs to enhance the adoption of the bilingual education. Osorio-O’Dea (2001) intimates that the projects have been gradually increasing as most states adopt bilingual education. All these efforts are to make sure that students get enough educational facilities that would be vital in boosting the quality of education in the entire country. More teachers have also been hired to better the program. This has in turn boosted the level of employment and development of languages in the United Staes of America. The adoption and use of various languages has led to coexistences among various individuals.

Bilingualism in politics

Politics has grown tremendously because of the application of various languages in dealing with the issue. Bilingualism has opened up numerous channels through which individuals could criticize poor politics and government policies. Cummins & Jim (2000) observe that bilingualism is instrumental in developing critical approaches to politics. A variety of languages widens the spectrum through which politics could be criticised and poor politicians shunned. They also assert that politicians are able to reach more individuals with such choices. This would ensure that every citizen participates fully in his democratic rights such as voting for the right individuals.

The government is in a better position to ensure that individuals all over the country get supplies through the langauge programs. Bilingualism has made the work easier because government ministries are able to publish books in different languages and finally distribute them to various individuals in the most appropriate languages. This has ensured that most citizens are made aware of the progress being made by the government. May (2005) observes that the politics of homogeneity have the capacity to satisfy individuals compared to the one sided politics. Individuals are able to coordinate their efforts in the languages they understand for the achievement of political goals.

The country is increasingly being occupied by individuals from diverse backgrounds. Politics would only be seen to be maturing if all the minority languages are considered. Fitzgerald (1989) observes that America is steadily being occupied by individuals who do not understand English. The political class would be a success if it adopts the use of other languages in political developments. The political class would effectively develop the economy by allowing the use of all languages in their political assertion. Peaceful existence and democratic processes such as voting would automatically prevail because of inclusive politicals. Most citizens would feel part of the political agenda to achievement. This would result in powerful politics rather than politics of power.

In conclusion, bilingualism would be a greater contributor to America’s growth because it is all inclusive. It should be adopted and applied in all sectors for prosperity.

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