To love and be loved is the wish of everyone. As much as love is sweet and wished by everyone, it pains and blinds at the same time. I met my first love when I was 18 years old .I had great hopes that I would spend most of my life with this man but later he left for USA that is so far away. Life had to continue and so I went on with studies and then graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. I was married and eight years later another disappointment struck; divorce with my husband.                              

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One day, as I was preparing for Christmas, I heard a knock at the door and behold, there he was, my first love. I was excited and felt like all my wounds had been healed after a long time of pain and disappointment. He asked me if I would like to accompany him to the USA. I hurriedly made the decision to accompany him. This was the most important decision I had made yet the most difficult one. Leaving my country and going to a strange land without any second thought just because I had met my first love. I successfully convinced my family members to let me go and follow the desires of my heart. I never knew that coming back to my country would be an uphill task until the time I tried to get back to my country and was denied access. I decided to come back to my country to visit my friends and family members the next year but with no success. This was the most dangerous step I had taken. I was patient for a whole year and tried all legal means to come to my own country but all tries were in vain. This was the worst decision I made. I decided to come by a boat and for me it was worrying because many people had lost their lives in the attempt. I did not say anything to my family about it. I went to a place where I had to climb hills for almost five hours, and then walked about 15 miles along the mangrove.

Around 3:00 am we had yet to cross a lake full of alligators, the water was up to the neck and mud by the waist. Everybody had a backpack so with one hand we had to hold the food and with the other hand try to keep balance. When we finally reached the other side of the lake, nobody could walk because it was too dark that we could not see the person next to us. Many of us stayed on the branches of a tree close to the water and we rested for all the night in the water until dawn. Nobody could sleep, because so we could fall from the tree. When it finally dawned, we continued going to the coast and waited for the boat. When the boat finally arrived, that was a disaster. All men got onto the boat while all women were still in the water. Fortunately two of them helped us to get in the boat. The trip was supposed to last 4 hrs, so most of the people left the food in the water when climbing into the boat, but I did not. The boat had 3 engines, when we still were seeing Cuba, one of the engines broke down and a little more far away the 2nd engine also broke, therefore we had to continue with only one. Due to the slowness of the boat, everybody fell sick and dizzy. As if this was not enough, it started to rain heavily and the temperature began to go down, people started to lose energy. Fortunately, I still had food with me and I was able to share with the one that needed the most. After 3 days we arrived at a little American town where the coast guard brought us to Miami, nobody lost his life this time. Finally, I married the love of my life.

Though love was painful and disappointing at first, everything that happened later had a reason and was worthwhile. Love is truly powerful.

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