Freedom is an immemorial human urge. Though humans have been driven by this innate dream, ever since they first set foot on earth, they have not evolved a single, lasting definition of freedom. America has been founded on the idea of freedom. No matter what freedom is aspired for, it is tied up to price and accountability. These may vary according to situation or individual perspective. It may, therefore, depend on one’s station in life or the setting of a particular issue.

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Freedom isn’t free as appears in the word’s semantics. Every right acquired has cost dearly and has been accepted by us so as to maintain our life situations. We have inadvertently been sucked into accepting the idea that the ultimate form of freedom is freedom from all accountabilities    externally or self-imposed restraint, and the need to surrender to the popular collective will. Whereas we benefit from this as never before, we also have catastrophes on our hands as a direct result of this idea. Acting on this, indeed a few people do get free lunch, while the rest of us are stuck with a far bigger bill beyond our conception. Everyone can start a venture based on a particular favorite idea; and indeed, people make millions ideas in a short span of time. However, some companies are forced into layoffs and pay cuts to survive. Small businesses are especially vulnerable with the cases of bankruptcy.

As free people, we elect leaders of our choice and are free to contact with them when needed. Yet, this freedom has cost us billions and billions of dollars whereby the powerful lobbies twist the Congress. This is the price of freedom we may not choose, but have to bear. We have rigorously built our country’s health care — every American’ dream—a system around freedom. We want to be free of disease and infirmity, but at system’s ever rising costs threaten to take it away. We enjoy being able to buy whatever we want, yet we need the insurance industry to protect it.

Freedom usually stands at a delicate intersection, where the price of our freedom asks us to face basic issues such as weak job creation, volatile housing market and an fearsome deficit. It is costing us much more than we can apparently handle in realms of education, health care, pension, housing, access to credit, and vacations.

The boon of freedom is for us to partake if so is the price.

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