The research under consideration was based on the protein translation mechanism of the ribosome of Escherichia coli.  Making a profound analysis of all possible SD sequences, which were expected during the experiment, and C-rich non-SD sequences, which were unexpected, it is noteworthy to identify the results of the experiment.

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First of all, it is evident that the RBSs utilization in vivo depends on the host. While its native genes translation, E. coli was noticed not to utilize any C-rich RBSs. Taking into consideration another bacteria, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, it is obvious that it differs from E. coli as it has a larger amount of C-rich 5’UTRs although SD as well as C-rich RBSs are more than functional in the hosts of the bacteria researched. Denoting the protein mechanism procedure in human organisms, both C-rich sequences and Kozak-like motifs are used in the process of this translation. In case of a human organism, SD-like sequences are not likely to play any role in this procedure.

The study demonstrated that not only in human organisms but also in other bodies, RBSs are able to appear sharing the similar translation mechanism as it is based on the base-pairing mRNA-rRNA.  Furthermore, it is noteworthy to admit that the work of some RBSs is efficient, and these RBSs are peculiar for their requirement of the in vivo factors which are absent in the minimal system (the subset of all possible RBSs works in this system). It relates to the human organisms although, near the start codon, C-rich motifs are contained. The efficiency of RBSs is put an impact by its context, and it can result in the movement of it into the space, which is different.

In conclusion, it is necessary to notify that the information under analysis is necessary for the prevention of an abundance of hereditary diseases as it covers the procedure of protein translation. The further researches on this topic can give an added gloss to the treatment of such kind of diseases.

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