The TX governor has a number of powers bestowed upon by the constitution. Being the head of the government in TX there is need for him/her to have some powers that ensure there is smooth running of the government. The governor has the following powers;

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Signing of bills- the governor is mandated by the TX constitution to sign various bills passed by the legislature into law. The constitution empowers him to reject the bills if they are unconstitutional or they do not serve the interest of the people of TX.

Commander in chief of armed forces- the governor is empowered by the TX constitution to be the commander of the military forces of the TX state where he/she is expected to give orders to the military forces incase the state is invaded by the enemy to protect the state.

Convening of special sessions- the governor has the power to convene special sessions of the state legislature to serve specific purposes. For instance, he may convene a special seating where the legislature is expected to discuss issues to do with threats to state security.

Delivery of various reports to the legislature on the state condition- the governor is expected to delivery report to the legislature on the state condition at the start of every regular legislative session. The governor should inform the state legislature the level of economic growth and explain government policies to the legislature that are in place to help the executive serves the people of TX in a better way.

Budget creation-the governor is empowered by the constitution of TX to develop a state budget by making estimations of the government expenditure and the expected revenue that is going to be raised by the government. It is up to the governor to explain to the state legislature the sources of government revenue and how the raised revenue will be used.

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