What prompted the Chinese to migrate from their native land to the United States during the period 1970 to 1990? I want to find out the reasons that made the Chinese citizens to move to the United States yet their country had much to offer. Did this immigration into the United States have any impact in their lives? Could the changes have been the same had they remained in their country?

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Several historical documents provide a preview into the reasons why the Chinese migrated to the United States. Many of them probably moved to re-unite with their families who had moved to the United States earlier on before the ban to migrate. Several others were willing to take risks thus they moved in search of greener pastures. Still, others moved to escape the political instability that was then facing China. I am compelled to think others migrated to the United States in search of adventure. They wanted to know what was happening in the outside world. Sources claim that some Chinese moved to the United States as laborers in the American industries while others were refugees. The elite moved to quench their thirst for modern education which was offered in the United States. It is possible that the education which was offered in China was not to the international standards. Some groups wanted to escape the Chinese customs that bound them to Chinese cultures which were otherwise retrogressive.

Some of these customs included ethnic cleansing which some groups were highly against and waned to grow out of it. The most outstanding reasons however for migrations was search for greener pastures, interest in further studies and to improve their status economically. Although they had resources in their countries, they felt they could do more to better their lives. Of course the Chinese government was initially against this immigration and even rendered it illegal. With time though, legislation was passed which allowed the Chinese to immigrate.

 My research mainly focuses on the reasons why the Chinese migrated to the United States and the changes that occurred in their lives from this move. One major source that provides information on the china immigration is the 1990 edition Encyclopedia Britannica which gives a detailed account on ‘Immigration to the United states’. In it is a detailed description why the Chinese immigrated to the United States. It seeks to explain why the Chinese were determined to migrate to the United States despite the challenges they faced in their movement. It gives information on when the immigration began. That was as early as the 1800’s and most citizens headed to California which was a hot spot for gold then. The Chinese were however exploited forcing them to go to court to defend them. It is also in the 1990’s that legislation was passed by the Civil Rights movement liberating the Chinese

Americans from oppression

According to this encyclopedia, most Chinese natives went to work as laborers and mineral extractors to boost their income. Industries were fast coming up in the United States and they saw it as a way to escape the poverty they were lavishing in. Others were re-united with their families who lived in diaspora. The book further explains that some were escaping the political instability that was rocking parts of south and East Asia. However they faced challenges such as difference in cultures and were discriminated against due to their unwillingness to be assimilated into the western way of life. Some were oppressed in their workstations and denied citizenship.

With time, the Chinese fit in the American way of life. Some acquired education and moved back to their countries to develop them. Others got assimilated and abandoned their cultures. They introduced their culture, way of dressing, foods, religion and language to the Americans. Today, we see various Chinese dressing incorporated in high fashion and movies. Chinese restaurants have cropped up offering Chinese delicacies while several institutions offer Chinese as a language of study. They have thus improved their lives and those of others by this immigration.

Information from this encyclopedia is supported by numerous other authors like Ashabranner’s book ‘Still a nation of immigrants’ and many others. In my opinion, the Chinese immigration played a major role in contributing to the growth of globalism.

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