Italian Renaissance took place from around 1550 to the late 1700s. As a result of a rapid growth of the economic sector in Italy at this time in history, it was possible for the wealthy people in the society to engage in alternative types of entertainments. Italian Renaissance initiated the way a church could influence the life of people in Italy. It weakened the influence of the church on Italian citizens. Italian scenic design was born during this era. The scenic was invented by the Bibienas.

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There are many innovations that were made during the scenic design. The Bibiena family innovated the angle perspective in Italy theatres. This innovation allowed crucial buildings as well as placement of courtyards in the middle. The innovation went further and led  to the placement of  more setting backdrop to the sides. Secondly, scenic design brought about the issue of single fading point at the back.  This brought about the practice of moving away from a dominant method of Renaissance. The mode used was characterized by order, restraint, symmetrical balance as well as rectangular space. It also led to the innovation of neoclassical ideals in both criticism and playwriting. Finally, it led to the innovation of Italianate architecture and staging as well as the commedia dell’ Arte in theatres.

The above innovations changed the way theatre was produced. It brought about the issue of stage setting being divided into two sections, that is, the background part and the forward part. The forward section was composed of  wings which were mounted into the pole and chariot system. The scenic innovation brought about restless, richness, and grandeur in the way theatre was organized. It led to the presentation of what is reasonably believed to be taking place in real life situations. Characters in various theatre works were expected to show traits that were displayed by people of their class and, at the same time, suffer punishment as well as ridicule. In conclusio,n scenic design brought a lot of improvements in theatres.

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