The campus decision to have students share dormitory rooms in twos is a good way of encouraging socialization and peaceful cultural, religious and other background living among students. However I feel that its even much better if the campus pair the students too. Leaving it to the students to pair among themselves is very risky.

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Since teachers are much informed about students’ behaviors, they know how better each student would socialize. The teachers and the school know what relationships that emerge from being roommates are helpful and which ones are harmful. I believe that my teachers understand what age-groups are suited to interact with at my age. For instance an older roommate may be good to learn from unlike an age mate.

If students are allowed to choose their roommates, they can even choose those of opposite sex, this may not be a good thing since, as young people, this is the age where we do not need distractions like unplanned pregnancies. The student’s performance in school activities is also one thing that teachers understand well and will be in a better place to pair the students. A very smart student in class work may be paired with a duller student in order to uplift them grades-wise.

Teachers also know the students and their behaviors well, thus they are best suited to know what students behaviors can be mixed up and those that cannot. If such students were allowed to choose their own roommates, they would probably go for the arrogant once as themselves. These students will eventually end-up being worse than improving their behaviors. Other factors like cultural backgrounds will only be well integrated into students if teacher pair them up, this is because under normal circumstances students will mostly choose people from their own cultures and this may bring about nepotism whereas if teachers pair the students, they will integrate them well together and this will lead to more harmonious stay among the students at large.

By let ting the campus choose a roommate for you, you are much safer in terms of getting some untrustworthy friends who may have pressured you to be roommates with them when they have other agendas in their minds. Some friends will influence you to be roommates if they think they can get material things from you.

By letting teachers pair as with our roommates, the ones that they feel suite as well, we are not only avoiding many ices and wrong decisions but we are securing a better future for ourselves as well as ensuring security.

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