The article “Sexual Behavior in China: Trends and Comparisons” gives the most significant information about sexual behavior in China. Moreover, the author compares the findings to global trends and suggests the analysis of the sexual behavior of contemporary people. It turns out that all sexual changes occur to males and females in 20s and 30s. Still, there are some things that have undergone no changes. For instance, it is still normal for Chinese women to stay virgins before marriage. The same cannot be said about other countries. The so-called ‘sexual initiation takes place in the form of masturbation and reading or watching various pornographic materials. The author stresses that there are still a lot of gaps to fill in the field. Thus, it is still unclear why recently married males experience an increased use of commercial sexual intercourses.

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Although the article indicates some gaps in the field and does not suggest a reasonable explanation for them, it contributes to the theme under consideration greatly. Using the analysis of the most important studies and researches conducted in the field, the author presents historical overview and deep analysis of the following issues: 1) explanation of recent trends in Chinese sexual behavior; 2) sexual behavior in urban areas; 3) the comparison of sexual behavior in China with that of other countries’ in the world; 4) Chinese people’s risk of a generalized HIV epidemic; and 5) limitations of the study described by the author of the article. It is necessary to stress that the field of study is advanced by the author’s thesis and supporting claims. All the information presented in the article is supported by numerous examples and statistics. This fact shows that the author has studied the field in details before writing the article under consideration.

The text may be useful for all those who are interested in the field and people who are going to conduct a research about sexual behavior in China. This will be easily done after reading the article because the text contains all the information for an individual to start a new research on the topic. Furthermore, the article is understandable for everybody thanks to simple language applied by the author. In general, it gives interesting and useful information about trends of sexual behavior in China and compares the data and the sexual situation in other countries. The importance of the topic is also explained. The author states that there is a connection between the changes in Chinese sexual behavior and a number of divorces in modern China. Moreover, the analysis of the theme under consideration gives an opportunity to find the roots of HIV in order to change the situation for better. Therefore, the research conducted by the author is thorough and provides the readers with valuable information on the topic.

It should be noted that the article is relevant to its field, and the author shares a lot of important facts with the readers. Changes in Chinese sexual behavior are caused by the changes of government. A Confucianist ideology was succeeded by socialist government, and this became the beginning of changes in all the spheres, even sexual behavior. The author pays much attention to the connection between sexual life and an individual’s health. The increase of HIV is caused by several factors. They are as the following: commercial sex, frequency of various infections that are received via sexual relations and male’s refusal to apply condoms. The comparison of China with other countries showed that the former has much in common with southeastern and western Asia. Sometimes trends in China are even higher. Unfortunately, there seems to be no reasonable explanation of this fact, and it is the largest gap of the study in the field and the article “Sexual Behavior in China: Trends and Comparisons.”

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