The industry of the artificial intelligence discovered the universe of the virtual reality systems in the twenty-first century. Virtual reality is an embodied image of creativity. It is the architect of the future development and the result of what money and imagination can do. This paper discusses the problem of the virtual reality systems.

Virtual reality is an artificial world that is simulated by a computer. This synthetic reality manipulates one’s senses of perception in a way that one feels, sees and hears things that are not real. Virtual reality is a unit that consists of a computer and a human being that both create the mechanisms similar to the way everything functions in the real world.

Virtual reality is a system with synthetic objects that correspond by all the indicators to material objects. The model impresses with its artificial perfection. One gets information from the created reality by interpreting the physical impulses that a brain receives. There are different types of the virtual reality systems that can be basically classified into the next categories: desktop virtual reality; video mapping virtual reality; immersive reality.

Desktop virtual reality is a system that represents a virtual environment through the computer screens. The interaction between a user and a computer is possible but limited by one or more computer screens. It is only when a viewer looks at the screen that virtual reality can be observed.

Video mapping virtual reality system uses technical support to produce an image of the user in the computer program. Different cameras project and create a 2D character but do not include the surrounding things. This is a system of virtual reality that is immersed in the environment.

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Immersive reality system is an advanced system that projects video. It uses a head-mounted display to create an image directly in front of the user. The system is able to reproduce audio and video. It tracks the movements of a human body and duplicates the exact image in the artificial environment. The user is surrounded by virtual reality and his senses of perception are easily deceived. It is almost impossible to distinguish between the real world and the computer-generated environment.

The possibilities of the virtual reality systems have no boundaries except for human mind. For instance, usage of several computer screens that project images creates an atmosphere that is similar to the one of a cave. Numerous reflections provide the environment of the real world. Screens are located on the left, on the right and in front of a person. They manipulate the consciousness. The shapes and sizes of the objects on the displays make everything look natural.

Among the advanced means that help to control virtual reality are a head-mounted display, a data glove and a space controller. A head-mounted display is a device that consists of two displays with special optics, two headphones and a head tracker. A computer processes information about the movements of the user and simultaneously replaces the view and the sounds with the substitutes of the environment.

One can manipulate things in the virtual reality world with a data glove. A data glove is a special bend on the user’s hand. It helps to grab and move the synthetic objects.

A space controller is a means of navigation. It is a joystick or a computer mouse that the user moves. These are instruments of the desktop virtual reality system. Such space controllers improve the orientation in the modulated world.

The same virtual world can be shared by different users. A computer can be connected to a network. The users that are at different places can contact each other. It is also comfortable to work together. The representation of a user is based on his or her avatar.

The virtual reality systems which generate the environment are based on the ability of computers to trick a brain by activating user’s senses of perception. Illusions become real when the senses are involved. Sight makes any mental picture look realistic. Hearing is what persuades user to believe in the computer creation. Almost 90% of information about the environment is interpreted by a brain on the basis of the impulses that brain receives through these two senses. The senses of touch and smell are not used as successfully as two others, but are necessary in fulfilling images. Taste is what will be available in the future.

Importance of virtual information

All information that people possess coordinates the ways of development of the entire industries. To be well-informed is to be the best at everything. Information is a valuable thing in business, economics, science, medicine and in all the areas of human activity. It is the virtual reality systems that almost every institution depends on. Such systems are used in order to transform and extract big amounts of information from databases, provide connections between companies, employers and organizations, design patterns and structures of realization plans with calculation of possible circumstances and problems, identify the subjects that are the best to work with. The virtual reality systems are an integral part of the future progress and development of every branch of industry and other spheres of life. The association of the virtual reality with the real world is the key to its success. The virtual systems give a chance to examine some new products, both existing ones and those that are under development and bring immediate results. This is how mistakes can be avoided, and new solutions can be found. This may help companies to cut down expenses and improve products. This is a matter of the “business interest” in artificial worlds.

The virtual reality systems are widely used in military sphere. It is good for making geographical databases on the basis of geographical simulations. The maps have become precise and reliable, which is very important for developing strategies or building military objects. The simulated environment creates the situation where new techniques can be tested. It gives experiences in different kinds of combat training and pilot programs.

Virtual reality systems are supported by the governments of different countries

For example, in the United States of America the great interest in the virtual research laboratories, computer graphics, and network environments have the Department of Defense and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Projects that are developed on the basis of the virtual reality systems are significant for establishing new programs with a lot of possibilities for the all the mankind. Many technologies have been effectively launched during a few decades since the 1990s. Military and medical needs raise the popularity of the modulated computer reality.

The virtual reality systems influence not only business, military and industry, but the mass culture as well. It is a wave of science fiction movies and books (for example, those byStanislaw Lem, Piers Anthony, Vernor Vinge) that have been much in demand lately. It all has started with Ivan Sutherland in 1965. He has created the ultimate display that was the begging of the virtual reality. Myron Krueger has established the first virtual environment by creating the video space in 1983. These things have had the summit of their glory in 1999, when Larry and Andy Wachowski produced the cult film The Matrix that has changed people’s ideas about the virtual reality systems, their power and influence. Also well-known are films Tron (1982), Until the End of the World (1991), The Lawnmower Man (1992), Disclosure(1994). Even in music the technologies of virtual reality systems are used for controlling songs and writing new music.

Virtual reality systems are a part of lives of millions of people

The consequences of the popularity of these systems are not clear. We are dependent on the virtual reality. It provides freedom in expressing ideas, sharing information, has limitless opportunities to connect people, companies, and organizations. The virtual reality systems are effective and productive in business, military sphere, and science. However, we are in danger of getting into the total dependency on the virtual reality. It is psychologically difficult for a human being to distinguish the emotions and feeling that are real and those that are created by the influence of the artificial world.    

Virtual reality systems broaden the world with new technologies and ideas. These systems amaze with effectiveness and perspectives they have. The twenty-first century has become the time of rapid development of business, the progress and achievement in military filed and medicine. This success is founded on the possibilities that were given to people by the virtual reality systems. It is easier to work and find clients, to launch different products and get the best results. Nevertheless, there are certain reasons for concern. The virtual environment has the ability to give the users everything they want. That induces them to be in the computer-generated reality literally all the free time. Sometimes it is hard to find the equilibrium between the real and imagined, the artificial experience and real memories. It is quite possible that in the future people will spend too much time in the virtual reality, that is why a balance has to be established between the two worlds. In that case, the virtual reality systems are the way to the bright and happy future.

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