What does the word happiness mean? How one can achieve it? This is the question people have been interested from the ancient times. The definition of happiness is different for every person. Still, there is no clear answer. Everyone can choose his own understanding due to the knowledge, personal qualities, education. For everybody, it will be his/her own, special, desired feeling or state of being. To one person, happiness may denote having of a good deal of money. To another person, happiness may denote being prosperous in his/her career or work. For someone, happiness is the presence of family and friends. The comprehension of happiness is intensely individual.

Looking at different opinions about happiness, one can say that the vast majority of people understand happiness like something clear and obvious. Happiness is prosperity and the blameless life. Therefore, the question about happiness is not just the question of how to be happy and satisfied. First of all, it is the question about the understanding of good and happy life and what one must do to achieve this goal. 

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Tracing the etymology of the word happiness, one can notice some regularity. Ancient Greek word “Eudaimonia” (true happiness) consisted of two words – eu (good) and daimon (deity) that literally meant that the fate of man is under the patronage of the gods. In Rome, the word happiness meant the name of the goddess – Fortune. The word “Fortuna” had two meanings – luck and destiny. Goddess was depicted with the cornucopia, wheel and steering oar. In other words, she personified the divine mercy, which can be given only to dignified. Therefore, the perception of happiness as a category in the Roman Empire was purely practical. It was prosperity, the possibility of desire fulfillment etc.  For the lowest stratum of the society, happiness often meant the ecstatic unity with the gods that can give a decent life. Later, a similar attitude to happiness was reflected in Christian doctrine.

Different meanings and components of happiness

For some people, happiness is primarily the material well-being. Often, one can have the full extent of his/her desires but do not have true happiness. Today, there are a lot of rich people, but not everyone is happy. These people live in a constant fear of their wealth and life. They enclose their homes with the high fences, set up the lattices or shutters, but still they cannot find the peace of mind. They have few real friends, most of whom were attracted by the riches. It is not the happiness to live in such terrible conditions. Nevertheless, “lovers live by love, as larks live by leeks” is only a proverb. There is no happiness, if one is constantly forced to think about the daily bread. If a person does not have enough money to exist, he/she becomes embittered on life, on those who are wallowing in luxury; but anger and happiness are incompatible. The material part is just one component of human happiness, and not the most important one.

One of the happiness components is health. Without it, the person does not have peace and pacification. It is well known that “health is better than wealth”. One must take care of health from the childhood then he/she will be strong and happy during the whole life.

Happiness is a faithful, sincere friends who are able to help at any point. They can help with the advice or offer some real help. Friends are those people who understand and support. Nowadays, in the age of acceleration, when everybody is in a hurry, not noticing anything around, it is particularly vital to have the understanding of what do you really want, what other people want from you, and find a golden (happy) mean. Incomprehension between people holds to quarrels or even disasters. One can stop for the moment, listen to the interlocutor and try to understand him. It is so easy! Then, there will be less anger, frustration and confusion in the world. People will be happy, calm and balanced. Then, perhaps, people will realize that to live in harmony without strife, without any showdowns and wars is extremely beneficial, and it is true happiness.

Every person needs the peace of mind and moral satisfaction of the life. Without these features, human life will never be happy. A spiritual happiness depends on the person. Indeed, in the same situation, different people perceive and feel different. Some of them are cheerful, purposeful. Others – do not believe in a better life, and do not do anything to improve it. The man himself is the creator of his own happiness, an artist who paints the world with own colors. If there is something wrong in life, one must not lose the heart and find the courage to change it.

Thus, happiness is a complex and multifaceted feeling, or even not a feeling; it is rather a state to which everyone aspires. Happiness is the range of moral satisfaction, peace of mind and physical well-being. If a person has the range of this benefits, than he/she will feel happy, will have a desire to work, develop, bring bright ideas into effect. It is applied not only to a career, but also to the personal happiness. Success in life is like a roulette – one lucky, others not. On the other hand, man is the creator of his own happiness. Everyone must be persistent, patient, and, first of all, have the strong desire to achieve something in life; and then happiness will certainly come. If to start build a happy future today, then there will come a happy tomorrow.

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