Many a time the definition of the term “art” has been a challenge or may be a term that we lose its wider understanding  in coming up with a distinctive meaning. Basically we have come across this term in our daily activities that we have personally created a personal definition. But then to understand and carefully evaluate the basics of art we should determine its ultimate definition or definitions.

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According to the Macmillan Dictionary an art can be defined as a basic “expression or application” of creative and innovative imagination and skills by a human; these expression will be presented in a form of a “painting or sculpture. The dictionary goes on to define art further as any work that is produced by human skill and imagination. Indeed there are many things both visual and in writing that has been created through the depth of human skill and imagination, (Art, n.a). Therefore to catch a wider part of art, we could define art as both a discovery, also a development of basic “elementary principles of nature” into more suitable distinctive forms for human use. Art is always in a constant state of change, that it is not entirely the manifestation of the mystery of beauty or God as the metaphysicians claim nor a distinctive game in which a man “lets off its excess store-up energy” nor an expression of a persons external signs nor a production of pleasing objects nor can it be considered pleasure. Indeed an art can be mean for the union of men bringing all kind of people together with same feelings with the indispensable to the progress of life to the general wellbeing of all humanity, (Maude, 1996). 

Painting is a type of art that is incredibly popular all over the world. It is envisioned as the type of art which brings and describes the actual meaning of art. Painting is the representation human skill and imagination in paint. Printing brings in the deeper feelings and most creative thoughts of the minds of the human race. Indeed for many centuries painting has been a distinctive form of art which has always brought the inner definition of the character and development of human race, (Sally, 2008).  Painting has also been used as a record of events basically between the 8th Century up to 18th century hence a form of art which has helped in the discovery and development of the elementary principles of nature and major development of man.

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