Standards are necessary in any work setting. In the event, standards are absent then professionalism would be subject to abuse. Standards are rules, which seek to regulate the conduct of professionals in their respective fields.  Standards in any profession highlight the conduct of people in response to their duties (Markkula Center, 2010). In any given organization, the employees work within a set of rules.

These rules define the actions, which the organization allows and prohibits. The purpose for these rules is to regulate the actions of the organization’s members (Brunson 2000, p, 46). There are consequences of each action that a member of an organization takes. These consequences may be positive or negative depending on the action taken. The standards in these situations seek to show what acceptable action is and which is not. Each person has to follow these standards. Failure to do so would constitute a breach to professionalism.

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Standards as principles seek to establish the confines in which individuals morals fall in. There are actions, which are immoral in nature, and their practice would constitute a breach of set standards. Individuals in an organization have expectations to conduct themselves in a manner that impresses upon professionalism. Without these standards, there are those who would see it necessary to conduct themselves any way they desire. This will result to loss of integrity and respect for that profession.

Standards seek to improve quality assurance of any professional service (Hesser 1998, p. 164). Quality control is a significant aspect of standards. If, professionals are without standards with which to regulate their service delivery then it would result to chaos. Standards ensure that there are no compromises to quality of services or goods. The production of these requires certain conditions to be met. Failure to do so will amount to a breach of standards. Therefore, standards are essential in quality assurance of services and goods.

Standards act as guidelines on how to arrive at an end.  In professional duties, there are processes which follow rules to achieve a given objective or goal (Brunson 2000, p.142). The means and ways of achieving the objective must not contravene the laid down systems and protocols. Standards act as guidelines on how to achieve the objective without breaching professionalism. These guidelines help create boundaries where acceptable professional procedures are applicable. In the event, those standards are not in place then processes would be subject to abuse and misuse.  Standards are a necessary tool for regulation and control of professional services. Standards are applicable to all fields and not necessarily to professionals only.

The issue of Standards is an act of regulatory bodies. Each regulatory body issues standards to their members in efforts of improving growth in the given field. An example of a regulatory body is the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE, 2011). The standard of communication, networking and broadcast, is an example of a standard by this body. This standard defines each concept and it application. The standards explain what each concept mandate to do and cannot do. The requirements of the concepts conduct, and the confines it should restrict itself.  Standards are essential in each aspect of life today. They should be taken as a vital ingredient in a progressive society.

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